Chapter 27

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Before Shane and Bruce were sent to the battlefield

"Ravel, since you know the requirements to be the Queen, I shall start the process. I'm asking you this last time, are you sure? I dont want to do this if you arent comfortable with it." Shane asked her once more.

Ravel shook her head, "don't convince me out of it now. I want to do this" her face then reddened.

"Do you Shane Dooley, take Ravel Phenex-"

"Stop it!" Shane yelled outloud. SirZechs and Ravel looked at him concerned but soon figured out Venom was messing with him.

"Sorry," Shane took a deep breath and composed himself. "Ravel, do you wish to serve under the house of Shane Dooley and Venom? To be our Queen, but also our friend? Do you wish to live your life and fight along side of us? Theres no telling what will happen in the future, but as a Queen you will be there every step of the way. Now, what is the final answer?"

Ravel didnt hesitate. "Yes" she calmly stated

"I would like to live my life as your Queen until it is time for me to start my own peerage" she continued.

"From now on, you shall serve me Ravel Phenex" Shane replied while giving her the Queen chess piece. The piece disappeared inside Ravel's body and at instant Shane and Venom felt a powerful connection with her.

"Wow..." Ravel commented. The power she had just gained was incredible.

"The power you're feeling comes from the power of Shane." Lucifer started, "since he is a leader, his peerage will automatically get a power boost from becoming his servants. With you being the Queen, yours will surpass it all. Another bonus is that you already have your family blood line of powers, I would hate to tell this to Rias, but you stand a chance against her if you were to face off"

"Hmm, how about that. You're little precious Queen can go toe to toe with his sister" Venom commented

Before Shane could answer, Bruce had ran through the door.

"Who's this?" Ravel questioned.

"SirZechs, you must let me go with Shane to defeat Loki, theres no telling on what he could possibly bring to this world." Bruce insisted

"I'm not comfortable doing that. After all, you nearly killed my commander and Lord Michaels Ace Angel" The Devil King responded.

Shane stood by, but was agreeing with Bruce's proposal.

"Yes I know, and I do apologize. I was caught off guard when he took over the Hulk. Since I'm well aware of my surroundings, that wont happen again."

"I dont know" Lucifer replied while looking at the teenage boys.

"If they're asking for reinforcements, we have a better shot with him as well. I say let him go, but I'm just a symbiote. What do I know?"

"He has a point" Shane started. "He obviously knows what to do. Plus, if hes that raging monster Hulk, theres not telling what could stop it"

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