Chapter 14

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Rias and her peerage, besides Kiba and Shane, were sitting in their main conference room. Rias was in her chair, thinking about the events of her interaction with Shane. She could think about how much pain he was in, his voice sounded lifeless, but when he mentioned Irina, it seemed to come back.

"What have I done?" She muttered quietly. Akeno stood beside her and patted her back.

"It'll all be okay, we just need time" she reassured. However, Rias snapped.

"We dont have time though! He could be dead right now for all we know! We are also going against a fallen angel that used to be a general in the great war! All I've done is made things worse"

Rias couldn't help but shed a few tears. Akeno only gave her a small smile.

"I think it's time we start trusting Shane and what he's doing. He'll come back, we just need to get through this first."

Suddenly, Rias' familiar contacted her stating she has found an ally. The whole group quickly teleported there to only find a barely breathing Irina.

"Irina!" Issei yelled and ran to her side. He quickly grabbed her, she barely turned her head to him. Asia was trying to use her twilight healing. Sona and Subaki soon showed up as well.

"I'm sorry" Irina barely spoke. "They're too strong." Asia told her to stay quiet to not use up any more energy. Irina couldn't help but worry about Shane though.

"Where's Shane?" She asked. Everyone looked down to try to not tell Irina.

"We don't know" Rias started, "after I stopped him from going after you, he ran off and I haven't seen him since."

Irina could barely hold the tears back. "Please God, let him be safe" she muttered before passing out due to exhaustion.

"I've got a place for her where she can rest and heal her wounds" Sona pitched in. Subaki carried Irina and teleported to the place.

"Thank you" Rias commented. However, a menacing laugh erupted.

"My, my what a good plan that was. You devils were lured here with that weakling!" Freed spat while coming from around the tree. Issei quickly unleashed his sacred gear.

"Now, now I'm not here to fight, but I do have 4 friends here that are itching for a brawl if you dont listen." Freed mocked while revealing 4 Excaliburs. "I'm just a messenger that's all" he finished.

The sky quickly changed into a blue, black, and purple color. Freed started to laugh hysterically. "Red, someone wants to talk to you" he then pointed to the sky revealing a paler skin man with 10 wings.

"A fallen angel" Koneko muttered.

"He has ten wings, he's of the leader class" Akeno added.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, daughter of the house of Gremory. I am Kokobiel" the fallen angel stated.

"Pleasure is all mine, but please call me Rias"

"The scarlet red hair, well known by the devil king. Such a pain to see." Kokebiel replied.

"What are you here for? To talk or talk about my looks? I mean we dont have all day." Rias reluctantly replied.

"Rias Gremory, sister of Lucifer. Sona Sitri, sister of Leviathan, such power under that institution of yours. I figured, since I was here, I will do some damage. Starting with your school. That should bring out the current devil king, shouldn't it?" he shrugged

"Are trying to start a war?" Rias questioned.

Kokebiel only laughed, "well of course! I have nothing better to do. You see after the first great war, I had nothing to do. They all simply gave up! I thought stealing Excalibur would get Michael to come after me, but I got one pathetic exorcist and two holy sword users."

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