Chapter 29

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Shane was currently walking through the City, after being told about the lightforce powers that Martin Li had, and explaining the whole situation with symbiotes while seeing this worlds Venom and the new symbiote, he had a lot on his mind.

"I'm thankful for Martin that he healed me, but how do I get back home?" Shane pondered. However, if this worlds Shane and Venom was going to cause mayhem, he had to figure out a way to stop it. Unfortunately, his magic hasn't returned to him yet, so fighting would not be a good idea.

Shane continued to walk through the city until he spotted a familiar girl. Her chestnut hair with two long ponytails stood out. Shane then noticed two teens walking with her, they so happened to be Matsuda and Motohama.

He wanted to get closer to see how this worlds Irina acted, but he couldn't afford to be spotted because who knows what would happen if the people in this world he knew tried to talk to him. However, his thoughts were cut off when he saw the three looking around rapidly. Shane did his best to hide, and fortunately it worked for him.

Shane sighed, "phew that was close" he commented. He went to walk away from the area, but when he turned the corner he ran into someone. They both had fell to the ground and rubbed their head.

"Shit, that hurt" they both said in sync. What surprised them both was how similar their voices sounded. They slowly raised their head and looked each other in the eyes.

Shane was in complete shock of the sight he was seeing, and only a few words were able to come out of his mouth and the others.

"What the-"

With Irina, Venom, and the others

Everyone was gathered around the ancient Norse magic book, all were patiently waiting for Odin to begin his explanation on how it works.

"So, like I said yesterday, there are many worlds, so hence many alternative universes. However, with Venom able to sense his former host, and Ravel being Shane's Queen, I have a feeling this can go smoothly." He started, "Unfortunately, I am suggesting that whoever casts this spell only take a couple of people with them. If too many people, someone can get trapped in a different universe and we would have to do this all over again."

"I can agree as well with that, we dont want anyone else get trapped like Shane has." Lucifer agreed.

"So it will be just Irina and I," Ravel pitched in.

"Hm, not a bad idea, but are you sure you're ready to do something like this little girl?" Venom asked while forming a head from Irina's shoulder.

Ravel got annoyed with that, "if you treat me like this, I will burn you to a crisp. I saw what fire does to you" she smirked.

"She's more than ready to do this!" Venom quickly answered while retreating to Irina.

"I'll go too," Rias stepped in. Everyone looked at her with a shocked expression.

"Rias, there's a possibility you can get trapped in a different world" Akeno stated. Issei, Koneko, Kiba, and Asia agreed.

"Yes but-" She started but was cut off by Azazel.

"She kinda owes it to him though. After what everything happened at least, right?"

Rias remembered everything and sighed, "he's right"

"Well then," Odin started, "lets begin" he smiled while opening the book. Everyone felt the magical energy being released and caused them to take a step back.

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