Chapter 31

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Graduation, every highschool students goal. It was the final mountain to climb for highschool. It is where every student sets off and work for their dream. Whether it is a job, sports, or anything they have a passion for. Today was the first step to do so.

Shane, Irina, Issei, Asia, Kiba, Motohama, Matsuda, and Saji were all part of that group today. They finally made it and everyone was filled with joy. Everyone was getting ready to put on their caps and gowns and ready to receive that diploma.

Rias, Akeno, Sona, Subaki, and all the families gathered in the gymnasium for the ceremony. Today was quite an eventful day.

Shane and Irina slept in earlier from being out all last night. They wanted to spend as much time together as possible before they part their ways for their dreams. Were they breaking up? No, not at all. Irina decided to pursue a career in journalism and was going to attend a prestigious Christian college in Europe. Shane decided to accept the role of the newest Devil King and so he would spend most of his time in the Underworld.

What about Venom? Venom was still bonded with Irina. Shane had taken Anti-Venom to new heights. With his devil powers and his own suit, that was resistant to fire and sound waves, unlike Venom, he was virtually indestructible. However, that didn't stop his personality, he stayed the same. In fact, his and Irina's relationship made him become a better person, a better leader, a better son, and a better lover.

He couldn't thank the girl of his dreams enough for everything she has done. And after graduation, he was going to make sure she knew he appreciates her and everything she has done.

However, things will take a drastic turn.  One that Shane was not expecting at all.

With all the graduates in the hallway near the gymnasium

"I cant believe it!" Irina yelled while latching onto Shane's arm. "Todays the day where we start our dreams!"

Shane smiled at his girlfriend, "That's true. Today is the day we throw ourselves in the world that we live in. Well you at least" Shane muttered the last part.

Irina overheard it and gave him a reassuring smile, "I know this will be hard, but we will make it work. Besides, you were the one who inspired me to become a journalist."

"She does have a point. Besides, it's not like we have enemies to fend off. After everything we've been through, you think college is going to separate us for a while?" Venom stated telepathically.

"I may be overthinking everything" Shane laughed while scratching his head. Suddenly Issei and Asia came running up to them.

"Woo-hoo! Man am I so pumped to leave this shit hole! Even though I wont see all the pretty girls and their boobs anymore" Issei yelled. It caused Asia to smack him across the head.

"Some things never change" Shane sighed. He looked up to see Asia arguing with Issei. They became a couple not too long ago. Surprisingly, Asia has handled him well, besides the little parts that just happened now.

Soon one of the teachers got everyone's attention and told them to line up in the order they practiced. Irina gave Shane a quick kiss and smiled.

"We're at the end now" She smiled. Shane nodded and took his place closer to the front. He patted Saji's back on the way up and congratulated him. Issei, Motohama, and Matsuda did one final pervert trio cheer. Shane sighed and laughed as well. He saw Kiba from thr corner of his eyes trying to fend off his hoard of fangirls.

"I guess this is it, this is the end" Shane muttered to himself. Unfortunately, he doesnt know what is waiting for him.

Time Skip

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