Chapter 1

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Beep beep beep

"Ughhh" I groaned. "My stomach is killing me"
Suddenly I had the urge to throw up so I booked it to my bathroom.

After my stomach started to settle down, I remembered the events that happened last night.


I was running home as quickly as I could. I literally ran into the house without closing the door. Both of my parents were home and concerned with sudden behavior.

"Honey are you okay?" Mom asked

"Yeah.." I said out of breath. "I just need something to drink"

I grabbed a glass and filled it up with water from the sink. I continued this action before dad spoke up.

"Are you sure you're okay? That's the 15th glass you've had"

I quickly put down the glass and went straight to the pantry. I grabbed all the chips and snacks I had. I literally devoured it all. However I still wasn't satisfied. I opened the fridge and freezer and pulled out everything that was eatable.

Both of my parents looked at me in horror, but I paid no attention. It felt like something inside of me was taking over my body.

My parents screamed when they saw me digging through the trash to eat what was left. There was a half eaten chicken wing, some expired chips and many other things. They both ran up to me

"What's wrong? Seriously are you sick or something?" Mom asked

"Do I need to take you to the ER?" Dad questioned.

I then finally came to my senses.

"I honestly don't know. I just want to go to bed. It's been a long day" I replied trying to break from my parents grip.

"Son please tell us what's wrong" Mom pleaded.

"I'm just really tired mom. I just want to go to sleep. I promise I'll be fine in the morning. A weird bug came over me" I replied hiding the fact that there is something terribly wrong with me.

My parents were hesitant to let go but I gave them a reassuring smile saying I will be okay. So they allowed me to go to my room.

At instant I passed out on immediate contact with my bed

I shook the flashback out of my head and turned on the shower.

I went to check the water and see if it was hot enough for me to get in, but I noticed that it was still freezing cold.

"Huh that's weird" I said out loud.

I turned the knob all the way to max heat.

Still freezing cold

"Hey mom!" I yelled

"Yes!?" She replied.

"There's nothing wrong with the water is there?" I ask

"No? Why do you ask?"

"Just checking!" I replied. "Things just keep on getting weirder by the minute" I said to myself after.

"Well alright honey! I'm going to go to the grocery so I won't see you until you get home from school! Bye I love you!" She yelled to me

"Love you too mom!" I replied. "Well I guess I got to make this quick" I said before taking a very quick shower. Needless to say, I will not take a cold shower again. Worst experience in my life.

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