Chapter 5

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"This sucks" I said while putting my head on my arm. English was the most boring class ever. I seriously don't get half the things we read when we read the old books. Edgar Allen Poe was a creep and married his cousin. That's fucked up

"Your human ways are so blind. I mean look at these books, at the time they were shit. 100 years later, they're masterpieces. What the absolute hell?" Venom added. 'You're telling me. I've been thinking this since Junior High!

After that dreadful class, the bell rang and I went to pack my stuff up. However, familiar presences came to my senses. I looked up and saw everyone, but Rias from their club.

"So I'm assuming she sent you here to make sure I didn't run off or something?" I asked

"Like hell we were, I was gonna make you run to Rias and beg her to accept us in the club" 'Shut it! Or no chocolates for you!' I yelled back to him

"Yeah man, Rias said that she wasn't allowing you to leave at all before talking to her" Issei answered.

"And she wasn't able to come with you guys? Man and to think I was excited on getting to see her." I replied slightly disappointed

"She's currently taking a shower, she wanted to be at her best when she is talking to you." Akeno replied. I raised an eyebrow, "oh really?" She nodded then came closer to me. "You can always have fun with me you know~" she whispered seductively. Venom made a satisfying noise and I decided to play her game.

"I may have to take you on that offer some day" I said, even though I was nervous as hell doing it. She looked at me shocked then gave me a smirk.

"Don't make me hurt you, I'll force you to come if I have to, so suck it" Koneko added

I laughed, "alright little one, I've seen your power and it impressed me. Now just take me to her. I'd like to have my questions answered as well"

They nodded and showed me the way. They made it look like it was a convoy to get me to Rias.  "I like this, makes us feel royalty" Venom told me. I laughed at his comment. 'Come on man, we're here to just talk to Rias and get our answers.' "We should make her our ally, then our mate" he smirked. I slapped my forehead at the comment.

Akeno turned to me, "Are you okay?" She asked. It completely caught me off guard. "Yeah I forgot something at the house and I just remembered it that's all" I answered quickly. She smiled and turned away.

We approached an older building, it looked like it has been here for ages. "I'm getting a weird feeling about this"

'You ain't the only one' I replied to Venom. I was thrown off that the inside looked nothing like the outside, it was clean and well organized. Hell it had a flat screen TV and some gaming consoles.

'This is sick' I told myself. Venom nodded in approval. After they showed me the entire building, we made it to the room where all their meetings are held. Rias was already behind her desk, patiently waiting for me.

"God, she's so gorgeous" Venom drooled. I snickered at him.

"Well, I'm glad you could make it Shane" she started out.

"It seemed like I didn't have a choice to be honest." I replied scratching my head. "I mean I was going to come, but you didn't need to send everyone to get me. I'm willing to listen and tell you everything." I continued.

"Good, please have a seat. Everyone else, could you give me and Shane time to talk?" Rias proposed. Everyone nodded besides Issei. He gave me a death glare. 'The fuck? I haven't done anything' "Not yet at least" Venom added.

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