Chapter 13

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"This is where they told us to meet them" Shane pondered while leaning on a tree at the forest entrance.

"What if Rias finds out?"

"Its not if, it's when she finds out. I dont know and I honestly don't care." Shane spat back.

Suddenly he heard a cheerful voice nearby

"Hey there Shane!" Irina waved. Shane couldn't help but smile and wave back. He also saw kiba with her and Xenovia.

"So you are in this too." Kiba stated.

"Well duh, a hot chick asked us to do something" Venom replied to Shane's thoughts sarcastically.

"Well, there is another symbiote involved so I dont really have a choice" he shrugged.

"We must get going, we dont have time to waste." Xenovia pitched in.

After a few hours, Irina received a phone call from Koneko stating they have found freed and he is wielding an Excalibur. Quickly, the four rushed to the scene.

"Shane? Where have you been this whole time?" Issei asked as he approached up.

"I've been dealing with things" Shane replied bluntly.

"Riot is near. I can sense him"

'Do you know from what direction?'

"No, but it wouldn't surprise me if he jumped in any second now"

While Shane and Venom talked to each other, Kiba was fighting Freed. It was an even match until it was stopped by a new voice.

"You've done enough Freed. You could have simply taking out all these pests but you've failed." The older man stated.

"Who's this?" 'You act like I know.'

"Valber Galella" Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina spat.

"So this fat bastard is the one who caused Kiba so much pain?"

Shane could only stand shocked. He never has seen someone filled with so much hatred towards someone like Kiba has towards this man.

Before Kiba and Xenovia could get to the two, they disappeared. The two of them quickly went after them.

"Come on Shane!" Irina yelled while running. Shane quickly got out of his thoughts and started to run after Irina. However, a familiar voice stopped him.

"Care to explain what's going on Shane?" Rias asked

Akeno was right beside her with a disappointing look on her face.

"Uh oh, looks like we are caught"

"I've been asked to help with their task. Nothing else needs to be explained" Shane replied and continued to walk. Suddenly a barrier was created in front of him so he couldn't continue to walk.

"I thought I said we weren't going to interfere with this. Do you know how much danger you've put yourself in?" Rias countered. Shane held his head low, Venom couldn't find the words to help his host out.

"Do you know the consequences of your actions? You foolishly went into a battle where you are affected by both Angel's and Fallen. Yet what was the purpose?"

Shane didn't say a word. Both Rias and Akeno started to walk towards him. Koneko and Issei were just on standby.

"Dont do anything you'll regret." Venom advised. Shane only nodded.

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