Chapter 7

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"So this is the place? I'm getting a strange feeling" Venom talked to me as we arrived to the Familiar world.

"Yeah, it sure is odd. No doubt." I replied.

"I think I just pissed myself" Issei added.

"Don't worry this is where we got our familiars. Its all okay." Kiba pitched in.

"Who wants me?" An unknown voice called.

"What the hell?"

"Who's there?" Issei asked.

Suddenly we heard movement on a tree branch. We all looked up to see a guy with a tank top and shorts on.

"It's the master of the familiars, aka the Togi" The guy answered.

"If your goal is to find familiar galore, then you have came at the right time for sure. The full moon is out to help you decide and I'll be the one to act as your guide." He continued.

"This is confusing. He's talking in rhyme?" 'Seems so'

"If you can't tell, the togi likes to rhyme." Akeno said to me. I nodded in response.

His continuation of rhyming really confused Venom and I. So instead of listing to him, I just tuned out and the let the time past by.

"Dammit, I'm starting to think like that." I murmured. Venom just laughed at my thoughts.

After a while, we ended up seeing a sprite that issei imagined to be a beautiful girl, but instead she was a grade a body builder that had pecks the size of his head.

I honestly paid no attention to everyone. Venom was basically a familiar to me. Provided the strength and guidance I needed to survive. However, a little blue dragon caught my attention.

"That's cool" I said while looking at him on the branch.

"That little sprite gives off electricity, since it's a dragon, Issei why don't you try to tame it?" Rias suggested. I couldn't help but feel a little jealous because she hasn't given me any attention lately.

"I thought you said you weren't going to get your hopes up?" Venom asked me. I mentally sighed, 'I'm not trying to but I can't help it, she's beautiful but she likes Issei, I know it.' "You can't lose that joke, come on. Don't give up that easily." 'I know'

My thoughts were interrupted by a green slime falling from the sky. I quickly jumped out of the way. However, it got everyone besides Issei. What was really freaky was that it seemed to cause pleasure to the girls. Kiba had it stuck to his face and was swinging his sword carelessly.

Then suddenly, the slime started to melt the girls close. It brought Issei to his knees and caused him to have a nosebleed. Koneko knocked his ass out.

"This is too naughty ~" Akeno moaned. I couldn't help but go stiff. They were basically naked, only small parts of their undergarments showed, the rest was burned.

"I can't use my magic tangled up like this" Rias panted.

"I want the green slime!" Issei yelled

"How pathetic. Needs a slime to take girls clothes off." Venom scoffed but soon went to enjoy the sight.

"Picking a familiar is one of the most important things a devil can do!" Rias yelled at him finally breaking free of the hold. She then started to incinerate the slime. Akeno has enough fun and started to shock it as well. Issei looked like he was about to have a heart attack. The last bit of slime was on Asia and Issei was protecting it at all costs. However, the little blue dragon shocked Issei and Rias finished it off. She was quite annoyed with the situation.

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