Chapter 3

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"You mean you don't remember me telling you about Yuuma?" Issei asked Matsuda and Motohama while I walked up to them. "No, not at all bro. Did you fall and hit something on your head?" Matsuda asked. "This is insane! Shane, do you remember meeting Yuuma?" He asked me.

I wanted to say yes but Venom suggested that we act like we didn't remember what happened. "Uh I remember meeting one girl, she dressed kinda odd and gave you something I think." I replied acting like I was trying to remember.

"Ah come on! What the hell happened!!" He screamed. I quickly told him to settle down. It had to be just a dream or something.

After a few minutes he finally settled down. "Fine but I'm telling you she was real Shane. I just know it" he replied with his head down.

"It'll be alright. Just do what you normally do to clear your mind" I suggested. He instantly lit up, "time to go look at girls undressing!" He yelled.

Venom lost it and started to laugh hysterically in my head. I simply groaned. "Ha, even when he is like this, the mere thought of half naked women gets him to a reality check" Venom said openly. 'I don't think that's a reality check. I think he's drifting away from reality even more' I answered. Venom just scoffs at me.

Suddenly, Rias came walking by us causing the other 3 to go into day dreaming about her being naked. She looked at me and Issei and gave a slight nod.

"She's quite the beauty and powerful too. Definitely somebody we need to have on our side" Venom told me. 'For what? To adore her all day?' I fired back.

"Well why not? She's a complete masterpiece!" He answered. I sighed.

"You okay?" Issei asked. I instantly lit up, "yeah I'm good. Just didn't sleep well at all." He nodded and continued our day.

Time Skip

After another exhausting day, I found myself going through the candy aisle at the gas station. Apparently Venom loves chocolate. It's like cat nip to him.

"Buy the whole box" he told me. "And why would I do that? So you can eat it all at once?" I asked. "That's the point" he replied. I shook my head at him. I ended up grabbing the whole thing. However, venom changed into clothing attire and started to grab random things. "That looks good too" he stated. Somehow I could feel him smile and it sent a shiver down my spine.

After buying and stealing candy. We decided to walk to the park. I happened to spot Issei standing at the spot where he died.

"I swear it wasn't a dream" he mumbled. Suddenly a guy with a fedora and coat came out of a magical circle.

"So Ryanare didn't finish the job she was supposed to. No worries, I'll deal with it." He stated. Issei started to panick. "L-l-look man. I don't know what you want but I'm not here to cause trouble I swear!" I was about to step out but Venom stopped me. "Not yet. Let's see if he can unlock his powers" he stated. Suddenly the other dude started to throw the light spears at him. Issei dodged the first one but the second one ended up hitting him. This time, it looked like he was in more pain than he was before.

He fell to his knees and started to cough up blood. Venom and I were about to step in but another red magical circle appeared revealing Rias and the other girl from last night. There were also two other people with them. A blonde headed boy, I believe his name is Kiba, and a smaller girl. She had white hair, i didn't know who she was.

"I'd appreciate if you would leave my servants alone." Rias started.

"Servants?" Venom asked. I shrugged, "beats me".

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