Chapter 38

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"We need to go after Shane now!" Irina demanded speaking to Michael, Azazel, and SirZechs.

"And reveal to the public about the three factions? Do you know what that will do to everyone?" Michael asked her.

"Hell, they know about the symbiotes now! Might as well let the cat out of the bag" Issei replied. This earned a punch from Koneko that sent him through one of his walls in the house.

"Stay away from the cat jokes, pervert" Koneko glared. Issei groaned in pain, while Asia rushed over to him to help heal him.

"The only option to do this is Us" Venom spoke through Irina. All three leaders looked at her in confusion.

"I cannot let Irina reveal herself to the citizens" Michael replied in a soft tone. Venom sighed, he still wondered why they haven't picked up his speech just yet.

"She will not reveal herself, I will do that. If I take control of her body, her actions will not be done by her. It will all be me."

"I dont like that sound of that" Irina replied. SirZechs replied to Venom,

"We cannot argue with that case. Azazel and Michael, Venom does have a point here"

Suddenly the door opened, revealing Bruce Banner. He was in a slight panick shock over what was happening.

"Have you seen what's going on outside?" He asked, but he restrained a lot. Everyone was curious, but saw a green color take over his skin.

"No, what's going on?" Rias asked. Venom didn't wait to hear the reply and darted straight out the door.

"Theres a bunch of people turning into that Carnage symbiote!" Bruce managed to say before turning into the hulk and ran through the wall of the house.

"He couldn't use the door?" Issei asked while groaning. Asia still tried her best to heal him.

"Oh Issei, I'm trying"

Azazel looked at the other two leaders in their holographic forms.

"What do we do?"

SirZechs sighed, "this isnt our fight. Our problem is with rouge Fallen Angel's and Devils. I cannot afford to let Rias and others get in harm's way"

"That will be done if we don't stop that Carnage. Hes out there controlling people by turning them into him. If we dont end this soon, the whole city will fuse with Carnage and he'll be one giant symbiote that will cause a lot of chaos" Ravel protested while walking through the gaint hole Hulk had created.

"Looks like Hulk was here" she sighed.

"Ravel? What are you doing here?" Rias asked. Everyone was curious to why she was visiting Earthland.

"To save my King, duh" Ravel crossed her arms. "Besides, Sona Sitri has the ability to make people forget things. And with these people being turned in Carnage, somebody has to save them."

"But we can't reveal our true identities" Kiba replied.

Ravel scoffed, "So you're going to just let Shane and Carnage take over the world? While you all just scurry back to Hell and live there for the rest of your lives? What good friends you are"


"I don't give a damn about your excuses! Shane has put his life out on the line for all of us! To save us, to protect us! That damn Carnage is weak against two things! High Frequency Sounds and Fire! Azazel, you're an inventor. You made that special Dragon emporer suit and a new hand, you can easily make something that is some type of sonic gun. Rias and I can manipulate fire. The rest of you can bring fuel or anything to cause an explosion." Ravel yelled.

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