Character Asks 2

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I know I'm missing a couple questions but my computer decided it didn't want to work anymore and my mom is using hers. I'm sorry if I didn't get your question!


Question One: Will you tell Harry all your secrets that you haven't told him yet?

Eventually I will, but for now everything is how it should be. I don't want to fuck it all up.

Question Two: Niall, stop keeping things from Harry, please?

I'll try not to.

Question Three: Are you excited that you're getting married?

Yes :) I'm very excited.

Question Four: Are you excited you're getting married? How many kids do you want cause I say you should have like 23 to beat Zayn's kids, you know?

I'm very excited :) and I actually have no idea how many I want to have or really if I want any. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Question Five: Why did you take so damn long to say yes to Harry?

I wasn't sure if it was what was best for us.

Question Six: Are you going to make Harry take your last name?

Niall Styles is actually growing on me...

Question Seven: Why won't you tell Harry about the counseling?

Mainly due to the fact he will more than likely want to come. Eventually I will tell him, but for now it's just a little secret.

Question Eight: Can I plan your wedding? If I do, can I buy ice sculputres of you and Harry naked, can that be arranged?

That's a bit extravagant....

Question Nine: You said yes to marriage... so why not something that rymes with chex? ... and don't get smart I'm talking about sex.

All in due time.

Question Ten: Where do you want your wedding to be held?

Would it be cliche if I said the lake?

Question Eleven: What changed your mind about marrying Harry?

I realized that he was the one who would love me no matter what. He accepts me for my flaws and I accept him for his.

Question Twelve: Would you want you and Harry to move to a total different country and "start over"?

At the moment, no. I think were happy here.

Question Thirteen: Niall, I see your doing great and that's absolutely fantastic, but my question is do you think you'll get completely better, for good this time? Or do you think you'll get bad again?

I honestly don't know. I hope that I can officially get back to being better, but sometimes things don't go as planned.

Question Fourteen: So now that you're getting married, are you guys finally going to do it on the honeymoon?

Well isn't that what you do on a honeymoon?

Question Fifteen: Niall, what are you hiding?

There's a body in my upstairs closet.

Question Sixteen: Do you love Harry enough to adopt a child soon?

I think we should wait.

Question Seventeen: Do you think you could ever stop loving Harry, or do you think that there could be something to make you guys break up or stop loving each other?

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