Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Chapter Twenty-Seven

I can't keep touchin' you like this

If it's just temporary bliss

"Oh my god... I'm gonna fail." I whispered, banging my head against my desk as I realized just how far behind I was.

"Now Harry don't be so pessimistic, I'm your study buddy." Ed said, throwing up the little bouncy ball he found on my floor. He was sitting on my bed as he did everything but help me study.

Stupid fucker.

"You aren't helping."

"That's cause you haven't asked for help."



"Eddy." I turned around to face him, pouting at him a little as he just laughed.

"It's your own damn fault for not coming to class."

"Well I had more imporatant things to worry about..."

"Like what?"

"My fiancee."

"Did you guys... you know." Ed nodded at me like it was some sort of secret code, but really he just looked like an idiot.

"No. Why does everyone keep asking me that?"

"Because you're not one to substaine."

"You've known me for like four months Ed."

"Well your reputation followed you?"

"Or you've been talking to my cousin..."

"We went out for drinks like a month ago if that's what you're asking."

"You're not allowed to date my cousin."

"I don't want to, he's not exactly my type."

"Shame, you guys would be cute together."

"Your logic confuses me."

"The only person that it doesn't confuse is me, so don't feel too bad about it."

"You're right... You're gonna fail."

"Ouch, no confidence?"

"Not where this is concerned. How'd you ask him?"


"How'd you ask Niall to marry you?"

"It's a secret."

"Wow and here I thought we were like best friends."

"Bitch please."

"You hurt my feelings."

"You're not helping me study."

"What's the point? You're gonna fail."

"Only because you aren't helping. Dammit I should've just asked Lisa, she would've helped."

"More like she would've tried to sleep with you."

"Ew. Lisa? She's so desperate that it's not even cute anymore. I find that funny though cause like... that used to be me."

"You sure you still aren't desperate?"

"I have a finacee that I love very much waiting for me at home."

"Did you talk to him about moving up here?"

"Yeah, we're still looking for a place. I think we're gonna put it off till we get hitched."

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