Chapter Twenty-Two

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Chapter Twenty-Two

We couldn't be more polar opposites

But what you do to me is magnetic

"So... I've decided where I wanna go for my bachelor party." Luke said as we all sat in my living room.

"Oh really? Where exactly do you plan on going?" Louis asked, looking at Luke with curiosity.

"Two words.... Las Vegas." Luke's hands did a little dance as if to emphasis his point.

"Las Vegas?" I asked.



"Why not?"

"I dunno... It's just a place I never thought you'd want to go." I shrugged, it honestly didn't scream Luke. I would've gone for like Australia or something along those lines.

"Dude... It's Las Vegas."

"And your point is? I mean why couldn't you choose to go to... I dunno. Bloody Australia?"

"Because then I have to go introduce Mikey to the extended family. Jesus Harry, you never think."

"Funny... I could say the same thing about you."I smirked, feeling somewhat victorious in my retort. Granted it wasn't a good one, but it didn't take much to slam on Luke.

"Oh dear... asshole Harry is back."

"According to you, I'm always an asshole."

"This is a true fact." Luke nodded, giving me a look that said not bad. I just gave a tired chuckle, shaking my head a little as I kicked my feet up on the coffee table.

"You look like shit." Louis said, making me snort.

"You've always had a way with words."

"I'm just telling you the honest truth."

"And how's that working out for you?"

"Well last I checked I'm married and you're not."

"Ouch, that was cold." I pretend to be hurt, clutching my heart as I let out a sigh. He had a point... Goddammit. I hated it when Louis was right.


"But in all honesty you look like you haven't slept in a week."

"That's cause I haven't." I stated matter of factually, clicking my tongue as I gave Louis a thumbs up.

"That's not healthy man..."

"Well when I start to see Lucifer I'll be sure to check into the loony bin."

"Supernatural reference? Really? That's the best you can do?"

"You're just jealous that I have a boyfriend who will watch it with me." Louis stuck is tongue out at me before flashing his wedding ring.


"Who tops?"

"The fuck?"

"It's an honest question." I shrugged, it really wasn't that big of deal... but then again everything is a big deal where Louis was concerned.


"I top."

"And I don't believe you."

"Then why'd you even ask?"

"Just so I can ask Cal, I bet you he'll say something entirely different."

"Well I bet you'll bottom for Niall."

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