Chapter Thirty-Nine

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Chapter Thirty-Nine

Open up my eager eyes

Cause I'm Mister Brightside

Before I knew it, it was April 1st.

The day that was going to change my life forever.

I was going to be standing at an alter in front of friends and family...

I was going to commit myself to someone for the rest of my life.

I was going to marry Niall...

The nerves were already running high, what if something went wrong?

Doesn't something always go wrong?

I feel like something always goes wrong...

Except for Louis' wedding... That was perfect....

Well if you forget my speech... that wasn't perfect.

And then I'm reminded that I'm not perfect, therefore this wedding isn't going to be perfect.


"Will you stop pacing? You're giving me a headache." Louis whined, glaring at me as I continued to pace. I was starting to pull at my hair, the nerves almost overwhelming.

What was I even thinking?

I can't get married.

I don't know the first thing that comes to being married!

"Oh for godsake." Louis grumbled, grabbing my shoulders and making me stop.

"Will you calm the fuck down? It's just a wedding Harry, it's not that bad."

"You're not the one getting married."

"I was last year."

"You weren't this nervous."

"Oh believe me... I was. I was terrified, but I didn't want Calum to think I was."

"I feel like I'm going to shit my pants Lou."

"That's normal."

"I wanna run."


"I feel the sudden need to murder Liam's turtle."

"That's not normal... Have you ever thought to get that murderous side of you checked?"

"Now is not the time Louis..."

"Sorry... Just... Take a deep breath. Think about all the reasons as to why you want to marry him." I did as he said, but the nerves were still dancing in a circle. I felt like I was going to puke.

And that's what I did.

Into the basin.

"That's disgusting...." Louis said, grimacing as I coughed into the place I just puked.

"Be glad it wasn't your shoes. I once threw up on Niall's shoes..."

"And he's marrying you?" Louis arched an eyebrow, folding his arms over his chest as I gave a slight chuckle.

"Yeah. I don't really understand it myself really. I mean if I think about it... He hated me. He hated me for the longest time and now look at us... I'm puking in a flower pot and he's probably getting as far from here as he can. I wouldn't wanna marry me either."

"You really shouldn't think like that Haz."

"I think I'm dying. My chest... It's like caving in. Oh god... Lou, I'm too young to die!" I wailed, grabbing a hold of Louis' jacket. Louis gave a nervous chuckle, trying to grab my hands which were in a death grip away. 

"Calm down." 

"I am calm!" I shouted, probably contradicting the statement, but I say fuck the world and everyone in it. 

I do what I want.

I'm Harry Styles

Turtle Murderer

Who's just about to get married to the man of his dreams...


"Okay... I lied. I'm not calm. Fuck Louis, I'm not calm. How do you be calm? What's calm even mean?" I started to ramble, letting go of Louis' jacket to pull at my hair. I began my pacing again, muttering over and over again about how I needed to be calm. The door opened and closed again as someone walked in, I was too busy to really look... I needed to be calm. 


Four letters.

Hella difficult. 


"The pussy killer has arrived, Harry you can calm your ass down." Zayn's voice rang out, making me stop for a moment. 

"Go away." 


"I don't need your craziness right now, I have to be calm. You don't make me calm, in fact you make me feel quite insane. At first I went along with the whole rock children thing, I thought oh well he isn't serious... He can't be serious. Then you went all crazy on me, you fucked my cousin, which by the way the both of you lied to me about.... You tried to kill my pussy... What the fuck?!" Zayn slapped me, which really probably wasn't the best idea being since I was due to get married in little less than an hour... and now I had a big hand print on the side of my face. 

"Calm the fuck down." 

"Why'd you slap me?!"

"Because you were rambling, it was either that or kiss you... and I figured you'd be less pissed at me if I slapped you.... I mean after all it's your wedding day." 

"Is this supposed to be making me feel better?" 

"Was that what I was supposed to do?" 


"You're going to be fine. Think about it Harry, you're finally marrying Niall. Remember how much you talked to me about how you wanted this? You've been planning this day since he finally said yes to being your boyfriend. You love each other, so stop being a pussy and man up." 

"I just... What if I fuck up? I've done it before..." I finally whispered, falling onto the small couch as Zayn crossed his arms over his chest. 

"Don't fuck up then. It's not all that hard." 

"Easy for you to say, I doubt you've ever fucked up." 

"Honey, this day isn't about my fuck ups, nor is it about yours. So stop dwelling on your past and get your skinny white boy ass down to that alter before I drag you to it. You're marrying Niall today whether you're a fuck up or not, I don't give a flying shit if you think that you are. I put so much of my life into this, I am not letting you ruin it." 

"All you did was watch Timmy while Liam did all the setting up..." 

"Do you have any idea how boring turtles are? I find rocks far more entertaining." Zayn huffed, rolling his eyes at me before smiling. 

"Now, are you going to walk yourself or am I going to have to drag you?" 



I know you guys can do it....






connie xx 

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