Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

I hope you find a way to be yourself someday,

In weakness or in strength,

Change can be amazing.

So I pray for the best, I pray for the best for you.

"What's your full name?" I asked him, grinning at him as I waited for his answer. He rolled his eyes at me, obviously seeing this as something childish.

I had a childish personality

So what?

"Niall James Horan." 

"Really? I would've gone with something along the lines with Robert. Niall Robert Horan." Niall snorted a little, looking at me like I was crazy. 


"What? It's a great name!" 

"Whatever you say... What's yours?" 

"Hey, I'm the one asking the questions mister!" I teased, smiling a little at him while giving him a playful glare. 

"I thought we switched off..." 

"Not the way I play it, now how many siblings do you have?" 

"One. An older brother named Greg, I'm also an uncle." 

"That's cute. How many relationships have you had?" Niall arched his eyebrows at me for that one, giving me one of those looks that just screamed I was an idiot. 

"Two, three if you count my two week fling with Bethany." 

"Jesus, you're inexperienced..." 

"Thanks, great self confidence booster there." I rolled my eyes at him, a soft smile on my face. 

"You know I'm only kidding." 

"Sure you are..." 

"I love you. Have you ever slept with anyone?" 

"I'm a virgin Harry, you already know this." 

"I know... but there's two different virgins in my opinion... Well for guys anyways. There's the vagina virgin and then the dick virgin." 

"You are so blunt." 

"Would you prefer me to use technical terms?" 

"No, I quite enjoy the way you describe things." 

"Good, I don't really feel like changing that aspect of me." 

"Don't. Don't ever change it." 

"What's your favorite color?" 

"Don't really have a preference. Blue is a good one... I like the shade of green your eyes are." 

"Name of your first pet?" 

"Spartacus." I raised my eyebrows at him, earning another eye roll from him.  


"I didn't name him..." Niall shrugged, biting his lip a little as he held back a giggle. I was quite enjoying the slight twinkle in his eyes as he answered my questions. I liked it when Niall was like this... all happy and shit like that.

"Okay... Why haven't you talked to your parents for over a year?" Niall let out a deep breath, looking at me with sad eyes before looking down at his hands. I took note at how the twinkle was no longer there...  

"That's where I draw the line." 

"It's a question..." 

"One that I don't feel like answering right now. It's not important." It was silent for a moment as I tried not to get mad, god it was so hard not to be mad right now. 

"How am I supposed to get to know you when you won't tell me anything about yourself?" I whispered, feeling slightly hurt... It felt like he didn't trust me. 

"I'll tell you eventually, just not right now." 

"Why not though? I was always told the sooner the better." 

"It's complicated Harry, I'm not ready to share with you every single detail of my past yet. I'll tell you when I'm ready." 

"And when is that going to be? Twenty years from now?" 

"You're being ridiculous." Niall's voice no longer held that humor aspect to it, well the one that normally existed when he called me ridiculous

"I'm not the only one." Niall let out a sigh, shaking his head at me as I just stared at him. It wasn't really that common for us to fight like this, well really this often. I guess we were past the honeymoon...


I really liked that... 

"My parents don't want anything to do with me, I did and said some things that they... They didn't exactly appreciate so now I can't even go home during Christmas. I haven't seen my brother in person since, and I've only seen my nephew twice. My family doesn't want me there, and it's okay... I'm okay." Niall gave me a sad smile, before bursting into tears. 

I just sat there.

Like a deer caught in the headlights.


I didn't do good with emotions.

"Niall..." I went to touch his arm, only to have him shake his head.

"Don't... I'm okay." 

"Obviously not, I mean you just cried like a girl who just go told no to chocolate on her period." 

"That's an awful analogy." 

"It's the best I could come up with... I know you're not okay Niall, but I also know that by talking it out you're just going to cry more... I won't force you to tell me what exactly happened between you and your family." 

"Thank you..." He whispered, resting his head against my chest as I wrapped him up in my arms. I kissed the side of his head, enjoying the feeling of him being so close. 

"I'm here for you, and I'm willing to do anything for you... I'll listen to whatever it is you want to get off your chest, even if it's about how much of an asshole I am. I'm here for you no matter what." 

"I know you are... I love you, so much that it's nearly terrifying how much I do." His voice was muffled, barely over a whisper as he spoke. I couldn't help but smile a little, holding him a little closer.  

"Well if it's any constellation, I love you a little too much too..." Niall gave a slight chuckle at that one, but said nothing more. We spent the rest of the day like that, just sitting there in each others arms as the sun set outside. We didn't need to say much, enjoying the time we had with each other while it lasted. 

All I knew though was that I wanted this feeling to last forever. 


Well shit.

I'm kind of failing this story already...

There's like no humor.

Next chapter though...

Maybe we'll have a Zarry chapter, you guys quite enjoy them. 






Connie xx 

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