Chapter Twenty-Six (N.H.)

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Chapter Twenty-Six

'Cause when I'm with him

I am thinking of you

From: Alex Received: 11:37 AM

Wanna go to lunch with me?

To: Alex Sent: 11:40 AM

Do you mind if I bring Blake?

From: Alex Received: 11:43 AM

Course not. I'll meet you at the diner say around... 1?

To: Alex Sent: 11:52 AM

Sounds good to me.

From: Alex Received: 12:01 PM

You can bring Harry along too if you want.

To: Alex Sent: 12:04 PM

He's back at Uni for the week. He's got a lot of catching up to do cause he missed about two weeks. I'll see you at the diner Alex.


"Awex!" Blake cried out as soon as we walked into the diner, his blue eyes shining and a smile that you couldn't miss on his face. He run up to Alex before I had the chance to grab his hand, god if this was how my actual kids were going to be... I was going to be a shit parent.

"Well if it isn't my favorite little monster." Alex said, picking up Blake and putting him next to him in the booth. I slid in across from them, giving Alex a small smile before looking down at the menu. Blake kept blabbering on about his day so far, mostly about how I let him have Lucky Charms instead of that health cereal his mother left me.

"How are you Niall?"

"I'm great, what about you? Been a while since we last spoke."

"I've been worried, but that's about it."

"There's nothing to worry about Alex."

"There's always something to worry about."

"Not where I'm concerned."

"Especially where you're concerned. Last time I saw you, you were covered in your own blood with your boyfriend banging on the bathroom door. I kinda have a right to be worried."

"I'm getting better..."

"Are you?"

"Yeah... I'm... I'm seeing someone about it. I've only gone to like one session and it wasn't fun cause god... They make me talk about how I'm feeling. But you can't tell Harry... He doesn't know."

"Why doesn't he know?" Alex looked at me in confusion, and I gave a slight sigh before putting my menu down.

"Because I don't want him to. I'm doing this for him... for us and for myself. But I don't want him to know."

"Why though? You know he'd be in full support of it."

"Because he'd want to come with me, and I just... I don't want him knowing every little detail about my life. I know that you seem to think there has to be this whole "I trust you with everything" thing in a relationship, but we seem to be doing okay."

"I can tell... You don't look like you're about to cry and you don't look like you're void of any emotion... Something changed."

"I guess you could say that?"

"What changed? Did you guys finally do it?"

"There is a child right next to you Alexander."

"It's an honest question..."

"We didn't "do it"."

"Then what changed?"

"He asked me to marry him." I said, unable to keep the girn off my face. Even if he'd asked me a million times... the last time was different.

"Once again... What changed?"

"I said yes." Alex shut up for a moment, staring at me as if I'd grown an extra head. I can assure you that in fact did not grow an extra head.

"You're pulling my leg right now... You didn't. You didn't." Alex shook his head over and over again and slowly my smile began to fade.

"I did... Alex, I'm gonna marry Harry." I said slowly, feeling a little concerned about my friend as he kept shaking his head.

"Wow." He finally calmed a little, looking at me with sad eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"Kind of feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest again, but I'll be okay... You're getting married."

"Yeah... I know this is probably a lot to ask you... but I was wondering if you'd... I dunno maybe be my best man? You're probably the only friend I have here that isn't also friends with Harry and well... It would mean a lot to me if you were there."

"Course... I'd be honored... Wow. You're getting married." He let out a shaky breath, running his hand through his hair as he looked like he was still trying to calm down.

"I'm getting married..."

"Are... Are you sure that this is what you want?" Alex whispered after a moment, his hand still in his hair. I just gave him a smile as I nodded.

"Yeah... I love him Al, I love him more than anything else in this world and I just... I wanna spend the rest of my days with him. He makes me happy even though I don't act like it a lot. He's the one."

"Then I'm glad it's him. I'm not around the two of you a lot, but you guys really do... You really do fit together like a puzzle. I'm happy for you Ni."

"That means a lot coming from you Al... It really does." Alex gave me a sad smile before turning his attention onto Blake who was still playing with the coloring book.

Someday I hoped that he'd be able to move on.

Find someone much like I found Harry...

Alex deserved to be happy.

I just wasn't the one to make him happy.


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