Sequel Information

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Sequel Information

*sponge bob voice* IT'S HERE IT'S HERE, IT'S FINALLY HERE!

After the ever so long wait (is it ever really long? It's been like a day...)

The sequel has been posted, below is the description :)

Keep in mind though that it is mpreg...

-| this was their fairy tale ending |-

"Remember when I used to call you Slut Dresser?"

"Yeah... I remember."

"We should name him Slut Dresser."

"We aren't naming our son Slut Dresser."

"Why not?"

"Because that's just begging for kids to pick on him in school. We might as well call him Slut."

"It isn't that bad...."

Harry and Niall have been married for two years and things seem to be going great, that is until they have a little bump in the road.

Their little duo is about to make a new addition.

Burning Up (n.h. + h.s.)(Sequel to Shiver)(Book Two)Read this story for FREE!