Chapter Forty

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Chapter Forty

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

Thinking out loud

That maybe we found love right where we are

"If you keep bouncing on your feet Styles, I will glue them here." Zayn hissed, standing behind me for just one moment before heading back to stand next to Liam. I looked at him with wide eyes, earning only a grin in return. The sound of the wedding march was beginning to play, the nerves I'd felt earlier almost seeming to multiply.

Oh god.

If I was this nervous now, god knows how it'll be once he comes into view.

Liam gave my arm a slight squeeze, making me turn to him with worry on my face.

"Calm down... You're doing great." Liam whispered, smiling at me. I only returned it half heatedly, still feeling the intense urge to throw up.

Oh god...

What if I threw up on his shoes again?

He'll never want to marry me after that...

Note to self... don't puke till after the ceremony.

When he finally did come into view, I grabbed Liam's arm and held onto it as tight as I could. Liam let out a small hiss, glaring at me as my fingers dug into his skin.

But then my eyes met Niall's...

And all the nerves seemed to disappear.

He was smiling, walking down the aisle with his arm hooked with Beth's. His cheeks were a faint shade of pink, his eyes were sparkling almost... and all I could think of was that I was the lucky son of a bitch who gets to marry this boy.

I get to start a family with him.

I get to wake up next to him every morning for the rest of my days.

I get to grow old with him.

I get to love him.

I returned his smile, the feeling that it was just the two of us taking over the closer he got. When he finally reached me, I took his hand in mind facing him as the priest thanked everyone for coming.

'I love you.' I mouthed to him, the pink hue to his cheeks getting a little red.

'I love you too.' He mouthed back, gripping my hand a little tighter.

This was it.


"Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, Mister and Mister Styles!" Zayn almost yelled into the microphone as Niall and I entered the reception hall. We smiled and waved at everyone as we walked to our seats, hands intertwined. I kissed his cheek after we finally sat down, looking over at the crowd of smiling people. Zayn was the first to speak... and whoever decided that was a wise idea needs to be fired.

".... Now some of you aren't aware of this, but Harry and I share about twenty rock children. He still owes me child support, and honestly at this point I'm going to take him to court. But he did just get married, and well Niall is a pretty cool guy so I'll let it go for today... Congrats Harry, may you guys have a long and happy future." Zayn raised his glass before tipping it back and sitting down next to Liam. Liam was next, giving me a smile before standing up.

"Not many people could say they've had the pleasure of knowing Harry all their lives, well I do. I have known this kid since he first came home from the hospital, I thought he was ugly to be honest... Babies weren't cute in the first week... I honestly didn't like him till we started school. See back then it was only okay for me to pick on him, I saw myself as the big brother for Harry... and well let's just say I beat a kids ass for calling him a nerd. Harry is the younger brother I never wanted, especially after he killed my turtle back when he was six. I love him though, he's the best guy I've ever really known... and so I'm happy he finally found someone to make him a better person. Congratulations guys." Luke stood up after that, bouncing a little on his feet.

"I'm not one for speeches honestly, but I figured being since this guy here is pretty much my brother I could spare a few words. Harry, for as long as I can remember you've been there for me. You taught me a lot, even though you tend to think all you do is bad... You showed me that sometimes it's okay to be weak, and you also showed me that sometimes we have to pay for our mistakes. You're the one I wanted to be when I grew up... You still are sometimes... You and Niall are perfect for each other, even if some don't think so. I hope that you'll be together for the rest of your lives, and honestly I hope even past that. You belong with each other..."

"I guess it's my turn now.... Harry and I have been friends since grade school, and honestly he's more of a friend to me than I ever was to him. I don't really think that I deserved his friendship for the longest time, but in the end he was still there. I know that he'll be happy, and I'm glad that it's Niall being the one who will make him happy. Harry deserves that, and so does Niall... Sorry... This isn't much of speech... but I can't really top what he said at my wedding... Harry didn't really fool around in high school and...." Louis shut up after that, sitting down next to Cal with a slight blush on his face.

Niall stood up next, taking in a shaky breath as he looked at me.

"I love you. That's how I'm going to start. I love you more than anything in this world. You're the beast to my beauty... Slut to the Slut Dresser. You're my light, you help me realize that this world isn't as bad as people paint it to be. You're stupid puns make me laugh, you're smile makes me smile... You complete me Harry, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my days with you by my side. You're the one, and nothing will ever change that."

"Well... I don't really know how I'm going to top any of those... I'm not a person of many words..." I said, standing up as it was finally time for me to speak. I kept looking at Niall, smiling.

"I guess I'll start with...I love you too. Niall James, you were my game changer. You moved in next door, and I suddenly found myself intrigued. You hated me, and don't you dare deny it. I puked on your shoes one time and next thing I know.... Everything changed. We fell in love underneath the stars, and at first that scared me. I wasn't one for love, I didn't like the idea nor did I like the feelings that came with it. The first time you walked out on me, I was glad you did in a way... We weren't ready, but then again who gives a fuck about that right? Sorry for all the children out there.... I forget to censor." I chuckled a little, looking back at Niall.

"The first time you told me you loved me, I didn't want to believe it. How could you? I wasn't the right choice for you, yet in the end you still chose me. We had our ups and our downs. There were moments where I thought we weren't going to make it... But we did. You made me realize that love can conquer all, but only if it's strong enough. You make me a better person Niall Styles, and for that I thank you. I would be lost without you... You after all are my silly little Slut Dresser... and baby... Whenever you're close to me... I shiver."


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