Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve

Well I don't care if loneliness kills me

I don't wanna love somebody else

I knocked on his door before I even got the chance to second guess myself, but that didn't mean my heart wasn't beating a mile a minute as I waited for him. Luke was sitting in his car on the curb, probably jamming out to some stupid song. How can he be so calm while I'm nearly shitting my pants.

"Harry." Beth answered the door, folding her arms over her chest as I shuffled on my feet.

"Hi... I uh... Is Niall here?"

"Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. Why do you suddenly care?"

"Because he's my boyfriend?"

"That didn't seem to stop you from storming out the other day."

"Look... I just need to talk to him. If you could tell him that I'm here or tell me where he is, that'd be great."

"Why should I? You're just going to hurt him again."

"I don't care what you think of me, I just need to talk to him."

"And right now isn't the best time. You don't seem to realize your actions have consequences do you?"

"If you're going to call me a fuck up, you won't be the first."

"Then you should know that you're no good for him."

"Do I give a fuck? No, I don't think I do." Beth just looked at me for a moment before closing the door a little. I grabbed a hold of it though, forcing it back open. She glared right at me while I glared right back.

"I think it's best if you g-" She started, but was cut off by Niall.

"Beth, he's right... We need to talk." Niall came into view, the guilt finally getting over the boiling point.

"Niall, I don't think that's best..." Beth tried to reason with him, but Niall obviously wasn't having any of it. Niall walked over to her, pushing her a little out of the way before turning to her.

"I don't care, now go check on Blake. He's in the kitchen." Beth opened her mouth to reply again, but Niall just shook his head. Niall walked out of the house, shutting the door behind him, leaving us on his front porch.

"I'm sorry..." I whispered, finding myself apologizing once again.

"Yeah? That seems to be all we ever are." Niall sighed, his eyes refusing to meet mine.

"I shouldn't have left like I did... I should've let you explain and god Niall I really am sorry." I put my hands in my pockets, Niall still wasn't looking at me.

"This whole assuming personality needs to stop, Harry. You always assume everything, and it's tearing us apart. I get that it's your way of handling situations, but seriously... You need to stop."

"I know. I fucking know okay? I'll stop running everytime, we can work this out."

"Can we though?" Niall finally looked at me, his eyes meeting mine. I flinched a little at how cold they were, he was so closed off too.

"I like to think we can..." I went to grab his hand, but he jerked it away for a second before folding his arms.

"Why did you leave?" He asked after letting out a sigh.


"Because why?"

"Is Blake yours?"

"Excuse me?"

"Are... Are you Blake's dad?" Niall just stared at me, his expression blank. I felt the nerves come back almost full force as I shuffled on my feet. Niall let out a sight as he ran his hand through his hair.

"He's not mine."

"Then why does he look so much like you?"

"Because he's my nephew." Niall stated it like it was obvious, but if he had been me in this situation he would've assumed too.

"I thought you only had one..." I looked at him in confusion, earning yet another sigh from Niall.

"I have two brothers. Jimmy... Jimmy is my brother too." Niall bit his lip a little as he looked down at his feet. I took that as my oppurtuinity to walk over to him and pull him into my arms. He didn't fight me, but he didn't exactly relax in my embrace either.

"I'm sorry."

"That's all you ever are lately." He whispered, finally relaxing into my arms. I rested my chin on his head as we just stood on the porch.

"I know."

"Stop finding things to apologize for, stop having to apologize okay? I don't think I can keep doing this."

"I'll stop... I promise I'll stop. I promise that I'll always let you explain and that I'll... I'll stop running off and all that shit I've been doing."

"Thank you."

"I love you."

"For some fucked up reason I love you too... Harry, I thought about London."


"I think we should do it. I mean if you're so serious about getting married... then the next step is to move in together. It's better to find out if we can stand being around each other every day now rather than two years later when we're all married and shit..." My heart jumped a little at the word married... God that meant he was considering it? Didn't it?

"Are you seroius?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?"

"I just... I thought you were mad at me still."

"Oh I am, but that doesn't mean I don't want to live with you."

"I love you." I whispered, kissing his forehead as he just hugged me tighter.

"I know."

"Marry me."


"Fair enough."


Updates won't be as frequent she said.

I'm such a liar

But then again if you've been reading my stories for a long time, you already know that.

Anyways, you're question has been answered. Blake isn't Niall's.







Connie xx

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