Chapter Twenty-Four

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Chapter Twenty-Four

Softly, slowly how can I go down?

I want you to notice when I let go.

"Are you going to knock?"

"In a second..."


"Well sometimes it takes me a minute to want to like... Actually want to go in there."

"You act like there's some sort of monster behind that door."

"For all I know... There is, so if you could just give me one second..." Niall rolled his eyes, before lifting Blake up and knocking on the door himself. I looked at him like he had lost his mind, granted in my eyes he had... He seriously didn't know how crazy my mother is...

I jumped when my mother opened the door, earning a small giggle from Blake. She looked somewhat sane today... which I guess was good.

"Harry! Sweetie I missed you so very much." She threw her arms around me, pulling me close to her as she hugged me.

"Uh... Yeah hi mum." I patted her back awkwardly, glancing over at Niall for some kind of help. She was being nicer than usual... Maybe she did some drugs or downed a bottle of vodka...

Drugs or vodka.

It has to be the vodka.

"I haven't seen you in so long, baby what happened to Sunday dinner?"

"Things got in the way."

"Well I'm glad you finally found time for your silly old mum. Now are you going to introduce me to this fine fella here and the little twin of his?" She finally pulled away from me, looking at Niall and Blake. A sudden wave of protectiveness came over me... Don't really know why.

"Mum, this is my boyfriend Niall and his nephew Blake."

"It's nice to finally meet you Mrs. Styles."

"I haven't been Mrs. Styles for years. You can call me Ann though." She gave that smile that I remembered from my childhood when my dad and her first got divorced... She flirted with a lot of guys in town.

"My mistake." Niall shook her hand only to be pulled into a hug much like I had. Blake gave a squeak of surprise as he was also dragged into the hug.

I felt sorry for him... Poor kid.

"How about we head inside? It's a little chilly out here." She opened the door and we all walked in. The house was much like it had always been, nothing really changed.

"You have a nice home Ann." Niall said, smiling at her as she lead us into the kitchen.

"Thank you Niall, decorated the house myself."

"I can see where Harry gets some of his taste."

"He learned from the best."

"Don't be so cocky." I muttered, looking at the pictures that adorned the walls. I flinched a little when I saw a family portrait taken right before their divorce. I touched the picture with a shaky hand, trying not to cry as my eyes landed on her face.

"Dinner's waiting for us on the table, so if you guys are ready..." She trailed off, her own eyes on the photo. Niall and Blake stood there clueless, not really understand what was going on but then again I never told him.


"So tell me a little more about yourself Niall." Mum said, smiling her million dollar smile.

"Oh um... There's really not too much about me.... I'm orginally from Ireland, I have two brothers, I like watching sunets and uh... I think that's about it."

"And how long have you and my son been dating?"

"About six months."

"Really now? And if I'm up to date... You guys are planning on moving in together?"

"Now how on earth did you find that out?" I asked, my voice kind of bitter. I ddin't appreciate my mother, I didn't like the fact she stalked me.

"A woman has her resources."

"And those resources being?"

"Harry, we live in a community that's about as trust worthy as your father was." And there it was, the ever so famous bash on dad.

Honestly I wish I could say I was surprised.

"Don't. Talk. About. Him. Like. That." I hissed through my teeth, glaring at her as she just smiled at me.

"I'm only stating a fact."

"A fact that only you find true."

"It was his fault she died you know."

"Shut up."

"He let her drown all because he was so focused on you and your stupid little sand castle. It's really both of your faults. My daughter is dead because of you, but sadly you're all I have left. I will speak about your good for nothing father in any way I feel fit. He was a liar, a cheat, a man with no morals. He didn't care about you. He only pretended."

"Don't. Don't you ever say that to me again. It's just as much your fault as it was ours. She's gone, I get that you're pissed about but don't you dare blame it on him. He died too."

"Well, karma is a bitch."

"Why can't you just forgive him?"

"Because I don't just forgive and forget." She hissed at me, her eyes blazing with hate.

"He loved you."

"And I loved her."

"And you think he never did? You left, you didn't have to deal with the aftermath. You left us both in the dust and then came back when you found it convinent. I'm done with this conversation, frankly I'm done with this entire meal. Niall, we're leaving." Niall didn't hesitate to grab Blake and follow me to the front door. She was shouting for us to wait.

I could hear her screaming at me, all about how it was my fault. Niall stopped on the porch, turning around to face her.

"Niall... Don't." I whispered, grabbing his arm softly.

"You.. You don't deserve to be treated like that." He whispered back, shaking his arm from my grip.

"Please Ni...." I begged.

"I won't just stand here and listen to this."

"You don't have to... If we just leave right now she won't say anything more. Please... do this for me."


"Do it for me."

And he did, grabbing my hand and rushing with me to the car. He only let go of my hand to strap Blake inside his seat and to get in himself.

The second his door was closed, he grabbed it again.

He never let go.


Next chapter is probably going to be my favorite chapters of this entire book.

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