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Character Ask


Question One: How do you feel knowing that Harry knows your secret? and do you ever feel like ending your life anymore since he knows?

It's nice that he knows, but sometimes I feel like it would be easier if he didn't. I guess it's just due to the fact I don't want him to pity me. I love him, and I'm just scared to lose him. As for the second part I don't think about it as much as I used to, but I haven't exactly stopped either.

Question Two: Are you glad that Alex caught you about to kill yourself? Or do you wish that he didn't stop you?

Yes and no. There are days where I wish he wouldn't have and then there are days where I'm glad he did. I owe an awful lot to Alex, he's a good friend.

Question Three: Are you happy to finally tell Harry everything that you were going through?

I'm glad that he no longer thinks that I don't trust him.

Question Four: Have you thought about going on an antidepressant and seeing a therapist?

I've done both in previous years, personally I feel that they don't last for as long as they should so what's the point in even trying them?

Question Five: This question's gonna be stupid compared to the first couple...If you had Harry on his knees begging for you, would you say yes? (take it how you want, whether marrying him or other)

It's not stupid, I actually am glad you asked this. As for your question it's a maybe right now. I love Harry, I'm just not ready for that stuff yet.

Question Six: Do you completely trust Harry? I know you trusted him with your biggest secret but is there more?

There's always more, but I do trust Harry. Some things though are better left unsaid.

Question Seven: How are you doing? Are you okay?

I'm just as I am every day it seems, the little line between okay and really not all that okay.

Question Eight: Just marry Harry already or make some love because I know I'm not the only one who wants smut.

Like I said earlier, I'm not quite ready for either of those things yet. Someday, but that day isn't today.

Question Nine: When will you marry Harry?

When the time is right.

Question Ten: Are you really gonna wait till you get married to lose your virginity to Harry?

I'll lose it when I'm ready to. I love Harry, I'm just not ready for that step yet.

Question Eleven: Are you ever going to let Harry tap that?

Eventually, yes.

Question Twelve: Do you honestly love Harry?

Yes. I love him very much.

Question Thirteen: Why are you so perfect?

I'm not.

Question Fourteen: Do you think Harry and you will work out?

I really hope we do.

Question Fifteen: Why aren't you saying "yes" when Harry asks you to marry him?

I don't think we're ready to get married.

Question Sixteen: Are you considering marrying Harry?

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