Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen

I read them all one day

When loneliness came and you were away

Oh they told me nothing new,

But I love to read the words you used

"You look beautiful."

"I'm wearing clothes..." Niall cocked his head to the side, looking at me like I'd lost my mind. I just smiled at him, holding out my arm for him to take.

"That make you look beautiful." I replied, kissing his cheek as I lead him to my car. I opened up the door for him and he smiled at the gesture before climbing in.

"It's literally a t-shirt and a pair of old jeans."

"Which look beautiful on you."

"I think I know what's coming up...."

"Marry me." I smiled cheekily at him, earning an eye roll and a smack on the arm.

"You're never giving that up."

"The day I give up is the day you marry me."

"I should've known."

"So why don't you marry? You won't ever have to hear me say it again."

"Maybe I always want you to ask."

"If that's the case then I'll ask you every day when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep."

"That's a bit excessive."

"You're the one who wants me to always ask."

"Are we there yet?"


"We've been driving for ten minutes."

"No, we've only been driving for five my love. Luke wants us all to meet up at the stupid restaurant that his parents own. It doesn't even have good food and it's too high priced. I don't get any sort of discount even though I've dealt with his stupid ass since he was 3 and I was 5."

"Oh poor you, cry me a river."


"No, just a little more classy."

"I don't know about that, I felt more sass than class in that sentence."

"You're ridiculous."

"That wouldn't be the first time you called me that." I looked over a Niall with a smile, one which he returned.

"Marry me."


"Someday Horan."

"So you keep saying." The conversation slowly faded out until we reached the restaurant. Louis and Calum showed up at the same time we did, their hands clasped together and their wedding rings shining in the setting sun. Lucky fuckers...

"Well it's about time you climbed out of your rabbit hole, tell me Cal... You prego yet?" I asked as I climbed out of my car, earning a glare from Louis and a facepalm from Niall.

"Don't you have something better to do with your life than making fun of my husband?"

"At this particular moment? No." I smirked but winced when Niall smacked my arm.

"Be nice Harry."

"Yes, be nice." Louis chimed, returning my smirk before turning to walk inside.

"You always ruin my fun." I pouted, grabbing Niall's hand as we followed them in.

"There's a difference between having fun and being rude."

"They've been my friends since preschool love, I'm sure they can take my jokes and or sexual comments."

"I don't doubt it, but you should still be kind in public. I give you full permission to rip him a new one in private next guys night."

"Why? I thought you liked Louis."

"I do, but only when he's not making sexual gestures towards us everytime you're not looking."

"That fucker."

"My thoughts exactly."

"I love you."

"Love you too, are you going to hold my hand all night?"

"Are you going to marry me if I do?"


"Then I guess not."

"Will the two of you please fuck each other in private?" Was the first thing Luke said as he arrived to the table, his fingers intertwined with Michael's.

"I prefer the more public route. That way everyone knows he's mine."

"There are children here."

"Then you can leave." Luke shut up after that, sitting down next to me and across from Michael. Liam came in panting, looking like he'd ran a marathon.

"Am I late?"

"No, the guest of honor just arrived himself."

"Oh cool." With that Liam sat down, next to Luke of course. I didn't miss the discreet look that Liam gave him out of the corner of his eye. The poor fucker still loved Luke... My heart breaks for him. The conversation in my opinion was boring and not worth listening to for the time being, so I tuned it out. Niall was sitting across from me, looking down at his menu intently... jumping a little when my foot started to trail up his leg. He glared at me as I tried to look innocent which of course wasn't a good look on me.. I was anything but innocent.

Yet my boyfriend was.... Strange combination if you ask me.

"Stop it." He mouthed, glaring at me. I just smirked, earning a smack on my leg as I didn't exactly do as I was told.

"So why exactly did you drag us all here Lucas?" I asked, still playing footsie with the ever so attractive man across the table. He smacked my leg again but I wasn't phased. Luke gave me a sheepish grin before looking at Michael.

"Well... Mikey and I have an announcement..."

"You're not pregnant are you? Lucas Robert Hemmings, I thought I raised you better!"

"Harry, boys don't get pregnant... Don't be ridiculous." Luke rolled his eyes at me, irritation clear in his voice but I could care less.

"Then what is it?"

"I asked Luke to marry me." Michael finally spoke, and to be honest... I kind of wished he hadn't.


Cause the look on Liam's face was one I never wanted to see.


I'm tired.

Like really tired.

I just barely got home from fishing for like twelve hours it feels.

And now I have to go roast marshmallows with my cousin.


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