Chapter Thirty

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Chapter Thirty

But don't you dare let our best memories bring you sorrow

Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer

Turn the page, maybe we'll find a brand new ending

Where we're dancing in our tears

"Harry?" Niall whispered as the sun started to fade outside. We were sitting out on the back lawn, Blake running around the yard after my cat who was currently residing at Niall's till we bought out place. I won't be trusting Zayn with my pussy anytime soon. I was starting to fall asleep when Niall started to talk again, the lack of sleep from the past two nights starting to get to me.


"Are you falling asleep?"

"Course not."

"Don't lie to me."

"I'm not lying... I'm just resting my eyes for a moment. No sleeping." As if to prove a point I sat up a little, however a yawn escaped not too long after that. Niall gave me a soft smile before kissing my cheek.

"Let's head inside then."

"We're watching the sunset though..."

"The sun's already set. C'mon." Niall stood up, offering his hand as I looked up at him. He helped me up and lead me towards the house as Blake ran up behind us. He grabbed Niall's hand, smiling up at him as we walked inside.

"Uncle Niall, mummy is coming home tomorrow." Blake said excitedly, I was kind of surprised he didn't start clapping his hands and singing about it. Bethany had called Niall yesterday and told him that she'd be by to pick up Blake for a little while. Apparently Jimmy was back in jail for a few months, which meant that it was safe for Blake to go home.

Was it bad that I was gonna miss the little guy?

Even if he was a pain in my ass, and probably the spawn of the devil.

"I know she is, are you excited?" Blake nodded, still smiling. He reminded me of Niall so much....

"Are you going to miss me?" Blake asked, stopping in his tracks as he looked at the two of us.

"Course I will." Niall said instantly and I thought Blake would be happy with just that. I guess I should be smarter and shit like that.

"And what about you Uncle Harry?" I paused at the name, that was the first time he'd called me that. It was usually Poopy Head or Cupcake in an aggressive tone.

He made cupcake sound vulgar...

"I dunno... Are you going to miss me?"

"I dunno Cupcake, are you gonna miss me?"

"Only if you miss me."

"Then yes. You will miss me. Uncle Niall, I'm ready for bath now."


It was about an hour later when I found myself hovering over Niall as I kissed his neck softly. His eyes were half closed, his lips parted as he let out a soft moan. His hands were underneath my shirt, hiking it up just a little so you could barely make out my stomach.

"Shirt. Off." Niall got out between breathes, tugging at my shirt as I chuckled a little. I pulled away from his neck for a second to pull my shirt over my head. He looked at me with wide eyes, propping himself up on his elbows as I gazed down at him.

"You have a lot of tattoos."

"Yeah... I know."

"These ones are my favorite..." He whispered, his fingers tracing the two sparrows that sat on my collar bone. I chuckled a little before leaning down and kissing him again.

"It's only fair if you have your shirt off too you know."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. I mean... I'm half naked here while you're fully clothed. I think there needs to be some equality here."

"Oh really? Please don't tell me you're the next Rosa Parks."

"Would you still love me?"

"Probably not."

"Then take off your bloody shirt." Niall laughed a little before he sat up a little. I helped him with the article of clothing, tossing it somewhere in the room. I didn't really care where.

"Happy now?"

"Very." Niall rolled his eyes at me before I started to kiss him again. We just stuck with kissing each other for a while, but before long I found one of my hands heading down to the zipper of Niall's pants. He stiffened for a second, making me pull away. My hand was still down by the zipper as I looked at him. He looked a little terrified, which of course caused me to worry.

"Is this okay?" I asked, earning no response for a moment. Niall took in a deep breathe before nodding.

"Yeah... Yeah it's okay." His voice was barely over a whisper, not very reassuring if you ask me.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Yes I'm sure... Just... Take it slow? I mean... I've never done this before."

"We don't have to."

"No... I want to."


"Harry, I want to do this. Now you either take off my pants along with yours or I'll take them off. Either way our pants are coming off."

"You're so demanding."

"Oh for christ sake Harry, you're being a fucking tease."

"I'm just making sure this is what you want... I mean this is your virginity you're losing here. You can't get it back. I should be making this special for you... I mean fuck... I was planning on marrying you before we did it."

"If it's with you Harry... It'll be special enough. I'm ready, I want to do this... Please?" I sighed for a moment, thinking about it as he looked up at me. It really wasn't that difficult of a thing to decide...

Normally I'm all for it.

But this is Niall...

And then again it's Niall.

"Yeah... Okay."


*looks off into the distance* CAPTAIN I SEE SMUT AHEAD

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