Chapter Five

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Chapter Five 

Did someone give you something to help you ease the pain?

Like the liquor in the bottle we watched you slip away

"I really don't see why you don't just live here, I mean it saves gas money." Ed said one day as we walked out of class. I adjusted my bag on my shoulder as I shrugged. 

"My boyfriend is down there, I don't exactly want him to feel like he has to live up here with me." 

"Well if he loves you enough he'd be more than willing. Didn't you say law was like your dream or something?" 

"Yeah, more or less." 

"Then he should be more than willing to live up here, maybe you should talk to him about it?" 

"I dunno Ed, I mean I like it where I live." 

"You can move back after school. I'm sure you're tired of driving back here every week, I know I would. You've also got two places, you should be saving your money." 

"I'll think about it okay? This isn't exactly the easiest thing to discuss with Niall." 

"I know, from what you've told me he's really hard headed." 

"That's just an understatement. I'll see you on Monday Ed." I smiled at him before we parted ways. I walked back to the small dorm I was staying in, a faint smile on my face as I grabbed the keys to my car. We had a four day weekend this week, and I was planning on spending every second of it with Niall. Okay... maybe not every second but majority of it...


I was halfway home when my phone rang with a number I wasn't exactly too pleased with seeing. It wasn't every day that he called me, so obviously it was important. 

"What do you want Alex?" I answered, my voice somewhat harsh. 

"I uh... I need to talk to you about some things. Do you mind like meeting up with me?" 

"Why on earth would I want to do that?" 

"It's about Niall." 

"What about him?" 

"Look, this isn't something that I can say over the phone... Please just meet me at the cafe? It's important." 

"Not until you tell me what the fuck any of it has to do with Niall." 

"Just come to the cafe, I promise you won't regret it." I went to protest but he'd already hung up the phone. 

"Stupid fucker." I muttered to myself, shaking my head as I dialed Niall's phone number. 


"Hey babe." 


"Who else would it be?" 

"Just wasn't expecting you to call... You're usually in class." Niall sounded distracted, his voice quiet like he was trying to keep the conversation private.

"Is everything okay?" 

"Everything's fine." 

"You sure?" 

"Yeah... Why are you calling?" 

"Am I not allowed to call you without a reason?" 

"I guess that sounded rude... Just curious is all. You know I love talking to you." 

"I'm just calling you to let you know I'm coming home early this week. Professor has a wedding he has to go to and couldn't find a sub so we're out for the week." Niall was silent for a moment, which to be honest kind of had me worried. 

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