Chapter Thirty-Two (N.H.)

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Chapter Thirty-Two

It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do.

Hey baby

I think I wanna marry you 

I woke up the next morning to a kiss behind my ear. I gave a small sigh before turning a little before opening my eyes. I was greeted by the sight of a shirtless Harry who had a slight grin on his face. His eyes were twinkling, and the light from the window seemed to be illuminating his body. 

"Morning." I whispered, blinking a little and smiling. 

"Morning love, did you sleep okay?" I nodded, closing my eyes again as I stretched my arms over my head. I groaned a little as I felt a dull ache in my back. 

"Ow..." My nose scrunched up a little at the discomfort and when I opened my eyes again Harry was looking at me apologetically. 

"Sorry love." He whispered, kissing the side of my head again. 

"It's alright... It's just a little achy is all... What time is it?" 

"Almost nine, Beth is coming in about an hour to pick up Blake and I invited her to lunch with the rest of the gang..." 

"Why are we going to lunch?" 

"Well I figured it was about time we told everyone we're getting married." 

"I thought we were waiting till after Luke's wedding..." 

"Yeah... about that... I'm pretty sure that they won't be having a wedding..." I sat up a little, once again hissing in pain but relaxed against the headboard. 

"Why's that?" I asked after I finally could sit up straight. 

"Luke's been screwing Liam for the past couple months, Luke told Michael. Michael isn't talking to Luke right now. As far as I know the wedding is off." 

"Well shit. Your friends are idiots, I hope you know that." 

"They are friends with me babe, I'm not exactly the brightest crayon in the box." 

"I find you very smart." Harry rolled his eyes at me before standing up from the bed. 

"That's only because I stuck my penis up your ass." 

"And with an attitude like that it won't be happening again anytime soon."


A few hours later, no matter how much I complained to Harry that we shouldn't be doing this, I found myself sitting next to Harry while we waited for Liam to finally show up. Every one else was already there, including Zayn who seemed to have brought with him one of the children. He kept talking to it, giggling every once in a while like it was actually responding...

"Is something wrong with Zayn?" I asked Harry in a hushed whisper, interrupting his conversation with Louis on the side.Harry looked over to Zayn, shrugged and went back to his conversation with Louis. 

"Uncle Niall! Look at my kitty!" Blake held up a picture with a stick figure like cat.

"That looks amazing Blake!"

"What a cute little pussy." Zayn said, finally finishing his conversation with the rock. 

"Excuse me?" Beth asked, looking at Zayn with wide eyes. 

"What's a pussy?" Blake shouted, looking at his mum. 

"It's a cat..." Beth tried, still looking at Zayn like he had lost his mind. If it weren't for the fact there was a three year old boy sitting at the table, I'm sure Beth would've ripped his face off. 

Honestly I thought that would be pretty funny.... 

"Well if it isn't the life of the party!" Harry's voice sounded, making me jump a little. Liam came in looking rather breathless, he gave Harry a tight smile before taking a seat between Zayn and Luke. I noticed the not so subtle look that Luke gave Liam, his hand that sat on the table twitching as if he wanted to grab Liam's... 

"Sorry... There was issues at the bar." 

"Benny again?" Zayn asked, putting his hands behind his head. 

"The old man was once again hitting on me." Liam sighed, shaking his head a little. 

"You really should get a restraining order." 

"When he tries to grab my ass again, I will." 

"You think he'd catch the hint after you punched him the last time." 

"He seems to think I'm a prostitute." 

"You have more class than that, honestly I'd go more for... exotic dancer." 

"Imagine me on a pole..." 

"Oh I am. Do you by chance have a sparkly thong?" 

"Okay... I'm gonna interrupt you there..." Harry said, making both of them shut up. The two of them giggled, like actually giggled. 

I tried not to coo.

"You always ruin my fun." Zayn grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. Harry rolled his eyes before grabbing my hand and smiling at me. 

"Well, Niall and I have an announcement." 

"No shit. Why else would you drag us all here?" Louis rolled his eyes, then they widened when he remember there was a three year old at the table. 

"Crap. No crap..." Calum chuckled a little, kissing Louis' cheek. 

"Nice save babe." 

"Oh can you guys stop trying to bang each other at the table? You can at least have the decency to wait till you're behind closed doors." Luke hissed, glaring at the couple. 

"Just because you're not getting any right now doesn't mean you can be a jerk. Now shut it and let them tell us." Louis said, returning the glare without hesitation. Luke grumbled something incoherent, glaring still. Liam didn't even acknowledge him, looking at Harry expectantly as Harry once again cleared his throat. 

"Blake is seriously more civilized than the two of you, so please shut up and listen for once in your lives." Louis and Luke didn't say another word, but they continued to glare at each other. 

"Niall and I are getting married." No one spoke for a moment, and for a moment I was kinda feeling like they wouldn't approve... These were Harry's friends mostly... and one of them was his cousin. 

Oh god... 

"You mean you've been cheating on me? Harry, what about our children?! Think about the children!" Zayn wailed, shoving the rock he'd been talking to towards Harry. This caused an explosion of everyone talking at once, Beth and Calum congratulated us, Liam and Louis fought over who won the bet, Zayn was yelling at Harry about the children while Luke and Blake stayed silent. Harry's grip on my hand tightened, making me look over at him. 

"I love you." He said, leaning in close to me. Even with all the noise, I felt like it was just the two of us in this little place... 

It was us against the world. 


Today has been extremely uneventful.

So therefore I have nothing humorous to say. 

This is sad. 

So very sad.






Connie xx

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