When you (prank) text him 'you want a baby'

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I scheduled an updae last last week.

But I didn't update in time.

So yeah. Lesson learned.

I shouldn't make promises/schedules when I always let procrastination drag me down. Lol.


[ Gon ]

Prank gone wrong.

You: I want a baby!

Gon: ehhhh?
don't we already
have chimchim
and monie?

You: I meant human
baby, Gon.

Gon: umm..

Gon: aunt mito says no.

You: oh

You: :((

Gon: im sorry (y/n)-chan!

You: lol. I'm only joking,
Gon. No worries :)

Gon: hahaha. I thought
you were serious. Aunt
Mito was really mad.

You: am i still welcomed
in your house

-one hour after-

You: guess im not? Haha?

[ Killua ]

Prank gone..real?

You: oi albino

Killua: what

You: guess who wants
a baby

Killua: hopefully not

You: you guessed wrong

Killua: im blocking you.


Killua: not funny.

You: heh

Killua: ..

Killua: you wont go
asking other guys
for a baby, right?

You: as if! I will
never do that.

Killua: okay.

Killua: dont do that.
just tell me.
Id give you one instead.

You: what

Killua: what?

You: omfg did you just-

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