GroupChat 1 (Mystic Messenger)

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Your Number 1 Fangirl has started a group chat..

Your Number 1 Fangirls has added Green Freecs,Chocoholic, The Chain User, and Leorio Paladinight into the groupchat.

Your Number 1 Fangirl has named the group chat "Mystic Messenger"

The Chain User: what's this?

The Chain User: who's your number 1 Fangirl?

Green Freecs: hello your number 1 Fangirl! :D how are you?

Chocoholic: Gon! You shouldn't be friendly towards strangers!

Leorio Paladinight: you're just jealous~ :3

Chocoholic: shut up old man

Leorio Paladinight: what the hell?

The Chain User: we should know who's this your number 1 Fangirl. It might be one of our enemies.

Chocoholic: you're right. Do you think it's a hacker or something?

Green Freecs: Hey guys! It's a girl!

Chocoholic: what? How'd you know?

Green Freecs: based on her username, 'youre number 1 fangirl'

The Chain User: but we couldn't really say if it's a girl just because of its username. What if I changed my username on 'your girl'. Would u think that I'm a girl? We didn't know if it's only a guy that is just pretending to be a girl.

Chocoholic: yeah. You're right. We couldn't really say. I think we need to know more about this "your number 1 Fangirl " guy and that's my job~ I'm a hacker... remember~?

Leorio Paladinight: why are you acting like that guys? What is this? Mystic Messenger? We all know that your number 1 Fangirl is (y/n). We knew that too well.

Chocoholic: ah ! Everytime! Every single time leorio just had to ruin everything!

Leorio Paladinight: Whaaat? What did I do?

Green Freecs: we're doing rp.. :((

Leorio Paladinight: I didn't know!

The Chair User: anyway... What should we do now? Continue to rp?

Your Number 1 Fangirl: no. I didn't feel like it now.

Chocoholic: says the one who rp already. You haven't even say a single word till now.

Your Number 1 Fangirl: shut up

Leorio Paladinight: what are you doing right now, (y/n)?

Your Number 1 Fangirl: chatting with you guys. What else?

Chocoholic: breathing?

Your Number 1 Fangirl: I said shut up.

The Chain User: wanna grab some coffee? (Y/n)?

Chocoholic: oh no you don't..

The Chain User: what?

Chocoholic: are you asking my (y/n) on a date?

The Chain User: since when did she become yours? And what is it to you if I asked her out on a date?

Chocoholic: excuse me..

The Chain User: you're excused.

Chocoholic: the hell!

The Chairs User: what?


The Chain User: quit dreaming, Killua.

Chocoholic: you'te the one who should quit dreaming! My (y/n) will never in her life go on a date with you!

The Chain User: seriously Killua? No one says she is yours.

Chocoholic: I am! And she will soon too!

The Chain User: she'll never be yours.

Chocoholic: shit up!

The Chain User: fuck you!

Chocoholic: hey that's only an auto correct! I didn't mean to curse at you but since you curse at me already! I'm gonna curse you too! Or even crash you!

Chocoholic: fuck your motherfucking shitty ass!

The Chain User: what the fuck did you just say to me?!

Chocoholic: are you fucking damn blind now?!

Leorio Paladinight: guys.. calm down.

The Chain User: tell it to the chocolate addict!

Chocoholic: I wouldn't take that as an insult.

The Chain User: tell it to the looking like an old man because of his hair!

Chocoholic: says the one who looks like a girl

Leorio Paladinight: guys... Seriously calm down.

Chocoholic: tell it to the chain bastard!

The Chain User: hah.. says the one who's gay for Gon.

Chocoholic: what did you say?! Gay for Gon?! I am not gay! Maybe you! You have a fucking earring and you even crossdress and looks like a girl!

The Chain User: shut up!

Leorio Paladinight: i'm afraid to beat it to you guys but (y/n) and Gon are missing

The Chain User: don't tell me...

Chocoholic: that Gon and (y/n)...

Leorio Paladinight: are dating?

The Chain User: are they?

Chocoholic: they're dating?!

Leorio Paladinight: lolololo. No they're not.

The Chain User: oh good then... I thought there's something going on to those two.

Chocoholic: yeah. That's a relief.

Leorio Paladinight: actually..

Chocoholic: wait.. where are they anyway? They're not chatting

The Chain User: yeah. Where could they have gone to.. do u know leorio?

Leorio Paladinight: I'm afraid to beat it to you guys but..

The Chain User: what? Seriously leorio? You're doing that again?

Chocoholic: what is it this time!

Leorio Paladinight: they're doing something like...

Chocoholic: something?! What is it! Old man! Just go to the point!

The Chain User: I swear to my chains... Just say it leorio!

Leorio Paladinight: maybe Netflix and Chill ;3 I've heard (y/n) asks Gon earlier "want to Netflix and chill?" You know... Ahihihi..


Did you get it? :3

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