Still Love You | Killua

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"baby... I know you're having a hard time with us... being far away from each other. I know long distance relationship is hard but
Alexa.. can you just... Please just stay onto me longer. Please don't just end things. I... I love you baby.. please don't do this to me. " Killua says on the other line and by the tone of his voice, you know.... You know too well that he's at the verge of tears.

"Killua... I'm sorry but I can't anymore. " You say and hangs up, not even waiting for his reply. You cry after the call which will be probably the last one... You love him and he loves you too but having him far away from your touch... From your sight... From you... You can't. You can't do it. You can't bear hurting yourself knowing that you can't touch him... you can't see him... Hug him... Kiss him... You just can't . You can't bear with long distant relationship so you ended it. You thought it was the best for the both of you but you thought all wrong...


"Alexa why are you so down nowadays. Cheer up." Your friend, Kate says but that doesn't even make you to move an inch. Kate sighs and stand up gaining your attention. Kate smiled widely that you almost think her face will be broke off.

Then she started to sing and dance badly.


You laughed seeing her weirdly yet cutely acting in front of you.

"Okay.. okay.. stop now. I'm happy now, see? " You say and show her a smile. Your friend nodded proudly and smile to you too. But you know and she knows you're still hurt inside no matter what she do, she can't remove the pain from your heart... Only time can..


Three years has passed and somewhat, you moved on and is now happily working at a coffee shop with so many cats around. What do they call this again? A pet coffee shop? No? I don't know. Your author is too lazy to even search it up. The coffee shop is known to it's unique and deliciously chocolate 🍫 coffee ☕ and it's cake which have so many flavors that you can choose from like chocolate (of course) , mocha, strawberry and many more.

A guy in all black with a mask covering his nose and mouth walk inside your coffee shop. You almost think he's a kidnapper or something.. why is he wearing all-black anyway? Did he just attend a funeral?

You greet him with your angelic voice and a cute smile on your face. He kind of looks shocked after seeing you... Well judging by his sapphire-like eyes. Wait... Those eyes... It seems familiar to you? Where did you see that again?
You soon shrugged it off and guide him to one of the tables inside the coffee shop.

"Your order, sir?" You asks, trying to make an eye contact with him

"You" he mumbles not looking at your eye which make your attempt to have eye contact with him failed.

You raise one of your eyebrows and asks, "what is it again, sir?"

You don't know if you heard him right that he wanna order you or something.

"I said I want to order you." He says much more clearer this time, looking directly at your eyes and that time you knew... Oh yes.. now you know whose eyes are that.

You scoffs and move your gaze away from him. "I think you're mistaken . I am not on the Menu list."

"Well.. too bad.. " he say then an awkward silence spread towards the air.

Is he really here? Is he really him? He's back? Why? Why does it feel that it's going back? Why do I feel like this? I've moved on, right? Do I still love him?

Your last thought make you blush which Killua noticed. He smiled behind the mask and try to fight hard with the urge of pinching your cheeks right now and right there.

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