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Short Stories Kurapika X Reader by Ellephire
Short Stories Kurapika X Readerby Ellephire
Some shorts stories about Kurapika and the reader. Includes one shots :3
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『HxH Boyfriend Scenarios』 by _starlight07
『HxH Boyfriend Scenarios』by Baka Tsun
×Thank you for 100k+ reads and 4k+ votes! I do appreciate it a lot! :))× ❝He got my heart again.❞ -- -contains scenarios, drabbles, and one shots of HxH Character x Read...
  • leorio
  • kalluto
  • hxhboyfriendscenarios
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Gon Killua Kurapika Hisoka Illumi Chrollo Feitan
  • boyfriendscenarios
  • kurapikakurta
  • hunterxhunter
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Heartaching Obsession [Yandere! Killua Zoldyck x Reader] by YungNightAce
Heartaching Obsession [Yandere! Ki...by Yung-cнαn
【School! AU】 "If you're so popular, why are people afraid of you?" "It's just because. Who wouldn't be scared of someone who came from a long line of infa...
  • obsession
  • gonfreeces
  • killuazoldyck
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Zoldyck's Heiress (Killua x Reader) by Kirruwah
Zoldyck's Heiress (Killua x Reader)by hrmlssfjsh
(Y/N) was brought to the Zoldyck family and she became a part of the family due to her incredible skills--a perfect killing machine. She obeys any order to be a worthy...
  • leorio
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  • killuazoldyck
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Mr. and Mrs. Zoldyck? by MsNotSoFabulous99
Mr. and Mrs. Zoldyck?by TheOne&Only
Killua x OC | Highest Rank: #1- killuazoldyck (April 27, 2019) One day, Kazumi Nakayama was called upon her family's presence to be told that she'll be marrying the Zold...
  • mrandmrszoldyck
  • zoldyck
  • animecrossover
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Born Into a World of Hunters (Killua x Reader) by Broken-Subject
Born Into a World of Hunters (Kill...by Broken-Subject
Y/N was a frail and sickly child who spend most of her life at home or in a hospital bed her family loved her dearly but they knew she wouldn't make it to twenty her onl...
  • hisoka
  • anime
  • killuaxreader
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Hunter x Hunter [Red] BOOK 1 by kindared
Hunter x Hunter [Red] BOOK 1by kindared
What if, you died? You died and reincarnated? You died and reincarnated into one of your favourite anime. Now, you wouldn't want to live in the world of Attack on Titan...
  • hxh
  • hxhfanfic
  • comedy
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petrichor - a kurapika x oc fanfiction. by kuramaki
petrichor - a kurapika x oc fanfic...by pika
Hiya, this is my first time writing a story so no hate please! I've only been reading stories, not writing them, so I apologize for inconsistent updates or short chapter...
  • killua
  • hunterhunter
  • shonen
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Home {Kurapika x Reader} by princessstaryknight
Home {Kurapika x Reader}by Multifandom Fics
This is basically just a collection of one shots that I've written that I'm stringing together into a story. If you guys have any requests please send them. :) Both you...
  • kurta
  • gon
  • killua
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The Bright Side {Kurapika x Reader} by princessstaryknight
The Bright Side {Kurapika x Reader}by Multifandom Fics
Kurapika has been struggling with working for Neon lately. He could only put up with the spoiled brat for so long! And now that he's been trying to search for more of hi...
  • kurapikakurtaxreader
  • hunterxhunter
  • melody
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Her Tattoo | Kurapika X Reader by strawberryjellies
Her Tattoo | Kurapika X Readerby strawberryjellies
You have a secret. But Kurapika finds out about your harmless secret. With a mission you two have to solve together, the truth of your hidden patch of skin comes out.
  • thephantomtroupe
  • kurta
  • hxh2011
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Reunited (Kurapika X Reader) / Complete\  by Glory-chan
Reunited (Kurapika X Reader) / Com...by Glory-chan
"We lost each other" "But we found each other again" "We're reunited" Okay just another Kurapika X reader fan fiction So pleases read (...
  • gon
  • hxh
  • fanfiction
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The Assassin's Song {Killua X Reader} by SweetsTheHoe
The Assassin's Song {Killua X Read...by Sweets
Y/n is a new girl at a new school. Hunter Academy. She meets Gon Freecs, Killua Zoldyck, Leoreo, and someone she already knew, Kurapika Kurta. What will happen when she...
  • killua
  • gonfreecs
  • school
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Solo Yet Together ~ Assasination Classroom x Hunter x Hunter crossover by kar14ma
Solo Yet Together ~ Assasination C...by kar14ma
Two girls are going to joining the end class. There is also a new teacher which they know nothing of. The girls, Rem and Vladi, will need to find their way to mix into t...
  • kurapikakurta
  • karmaakabane
  • hunterxhunter
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It's fate, not coincidences (Kurapika X OC) by JacelIbarra
It's fate, not coincidences (Kurap...by Jacel Ibarra
Kiri Kurta is a survivor from the Kurta Clan. Her clan were slaughtered. A few years later she takes the Hunter exam and meets 4 boys who eventually becomes her friends...
  • kurapikakurta
  • fanfic
  • kurapika
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Don't forget~ Hunter X Hunter x reader by badger_with_a_pencil
Don't forget~ Hunter X Hunter x re...by badger_with_a_pencil
Don't forget on how we met, how we laughed, just please don't forget
  • feitan
  • gonfreecs
  • kurapika
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~Hunter x Hunter~ Kurapika x Reader by Flopsybunny2001
~Hunter x Hunter~ Kurapika x Readerby TheFlopsyBunny
Hunter x Hunter Kurapika x reader. He would've never thought he would fall for a girl like her.
  • kurapika
  • kurapikaxreader
  • hunterhunter
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「Back off she's mine」【Killua x reader】 by airi_licious
「Back off she's mine」【Killua x rea...by Yeorim~
(Y/n) (L/n) was transferred to a school full of hunters cause her old school was closed,in the school,there lies the most famous and popular ex-assasin Killua Zoldyck.Sh...
  • romance
  • xreaderstories
  • leorio
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New Girl? (KilluaxReader) High School AU  by Demon_Jaeger
New Girl? (KilluaxReader) High Sch...by - haley
(Y/n) is a new girl at Hunter Hunter High School, because her friends Gon and Kurapika told her to attend! But when she attends she changes a lil silver haired boy's lif...
  • highschool
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  • hunterxhunter
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