When you ignored him

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[ Gon ]

Gon's lips formed into a pout when you paid no attention to him. He did all he could to gain your attention: He's been calling your name many times, rolled over and over in the ground, giving you puppy eyes, and all but it's no use. You are still ignoring him. Whether it's on purpose or not is unknown to Gon.


Gon was cut off when a squeal left your mouth. You've been reading a book, a book that you don't want to share with Gon, a book that you are too engrossed, a book that made you ignore your boyfriend. Gon could only pout and sulk in the corner while watching you read the effin book.

[ Killua ]

You are ignoring Killua. And of course, if you're ignoring him, he will ignore you too. That's just how prideful he is.

You sat at the sofa with crossed arms glaring at the television in front of you. Killua, on the other hand, sat on the other side of the sofa. His face turned away from you. He's getting frustrated over this. Heck, he did not even know why you were ignoring him and there's no way that he would be the first one to talk between you and him.

But he find himself swallowing the words back in when he turned to you and ask, "What's wrong?" His face and voice shows concern.

You still ignored him though resulting for him to pin you down in the sofa and not let you go until you told him what's wrong.

[ Kurapika ]

"What's the matter?"

Kurapika asked right away when he noticed you avoiding him. The blond had his day off today and he wanted to spend the day with you but you are paying no attention to him and barely making eye contact with him.

You pretend to not hear what he'd said and continue to type in your phone. Kurapika wouldn't let this be though so he snatch his phone away from you and leaned in planting a kiss in your lips.

"Stop ignoring me, (Y/n)."

"I couldn't ignore you after what you just did."

[ Leorio ]

"Babyy, why are you ignoring me? Stop ignoring meee~!"

Leorio continued to yell at you which only got ignored by you. The soon-to-be-doctor felt himself becoming sad when all the words he said was muted in your ears. He frowned, his eyes dropling down to his feet.

"Look (Y/n), I'm sorry for whatever wrong I did. Just plea.." He stopped speaking for a moment as he look up trying to gaze into your eyes. "Please talk to me."

You suddenly feel the guilt building up in you. You puffed out a breath and nod at your boyfriend, "Fine."

The two of you soon make up and cuddled with each other throughout the day.

[ Hisoka ]


Hisoka smirked playfully as he watched you ignore him and his goddamn hot body.

"Why are you ignoring me, my lovely (Y/n)~" He mused, intentionally eyeing you like a candy.

His smirk even grew wider when you don't response. "Come on, sweet—"

He was interrupted once you stand up, walk to the door, and slammed it close leaving him alone in the room.

"Oh.. Is she really mad?"

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