Bestfriend | Gon

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"S—stop it, Gon!"

"Ehhh? But you feel good, don't you?"

"N—no! I said h—hey, stop it!"

The door slammed open by the silver haired male. His eyes wandered off to the room and landed to you and Gon. Gon is on the edge of the bed holding your feet while you are laying down on the bed with some tears in your eyes.

Killua heaved out a sigh. "Stop tickling the ticklish ugly duck, Gon. Let's play," said Killua.

You sat up and point accusingly at the silverette. "Who are you calling ticklish ugly duck?!"

Killua only snickered and say, "the one I like apparently." He then looked at Gon. "Come on, Gon. Let's play."

Gon is quiet staring dumbfounded at his friends. He gazed at Killua who is still waiting for him and seemingly not realize that he accidentally just confessed. Gon flickered hus gaze to you now whose mouth is gape opened, shocked at what you just heard.

Gon speak, "Killua, do you realize what you just said?"

Killua held a confuse stare before his face exploded into red finally coming to a realization. "W—wait! No! It's not like—"

"So you don't like me?" You cut him off as you asked that question. Your voice holds a sad and disappointed tone in which Killua noticed.

Killua shook his head. "No, you idiot." He turned his face away as he scratches his head. "I l—like you."

Your face lit up in glee. You quickly stand up and went to hug Killua screaming a "I like you too!"

You have already forgotten about Gon being in the same room as you.

The green haired male smiled at the view of his bestfriends before him. He's happy for them although there is a part of him that's sad and hurt.


Few months has passed and the two of you rarely visit Gon now. With a frown in his face, Gon stared into his phone waiting patiently for anyone at all to text him.

But there was none.

Gon starts to doubt them, starts to think that they had forgotten about him.


Gon is happy today. Why? Because Killua and you will visit him in his house.

Aunt Mito could tell very much that the young male is obviously excited for his friends coming over which she couldn't help but to smile.




Gon sprung up from his seat and quickly opened the door seeing the couple he misses so much. He hugged them both.

"You guys really came!" Gon mused his tone highly ad lively than usual.

"Of course," You replied.

Killua only responded with a nod and a smile at Gon.


The three of you are in Gon's room.

"And then.. Nia told me that her friend stole a diary.. Blah blah blah.." He heard you telling stories to Killua.

To Killua.

Just Killua.

A chuckle left the silverette's lips. "What- she what again?" Killua asked you.

Asked you.

Only you.

Gon felt his smile worn off from his face. It feel as if his two bestfriends are on their own world completely ignoring him. It feel as if he's nothing but just a dust. It feel as if he is merely a lamppost. He was being left out and it hurt and sadden him so much.

"I'm a bestfriend too, right?"


Okay so.. Idk if ya guys really get this because this is shit but what I'd like to express in here is that the feeling of being lonely when you are not exactly alone.


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