Groupchat 2 (it started with leopika but ended with killugon)

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YourNumber1Fangirl created a group chat.

YourNumber1Fangirl added Chocorobo_is_bae, Leorio Paladinight, ImAHunter and Kurapika Kurta into the group chat.

YourNumber1Fangirl named the group chat " The Princess and her four Knights "

Kurapika: What's with the name?

YourNumber1Fangirl: what name? The Princess and her four knights? Is something wrong w/ that?

ImAHunter: there's nothing wrong w/ that. I think it is great! 😊😄

YourNumber1Fangirl: awe.. Thank u gon! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Chocorobo_is_bae: WE ARE NOT YOUR KNIGHTS, _____.

YourNumber1Fangirl: no. I'm not the princess. Kurapika is.

Leorio: I don't have any complains bout that

YourNumber1Fangirl: leopika be sailing

Kurapika: r u making fun out of me?

Leorio: no?

Chocorobo_is_bae: gaaaaaay

ImAHunter: don't be like that, gays!

Chocorobo_is_bae: IT'S FROM GON! GAAAAYS!!!

ImAHunter: I meant guys!

YourNumber1Fangirl: I love how r things working out

Chocorobo_is_bae: i hate that our relationship is not working out

YourNumber1Fangirl: Can I kick you out of this chatroom?

Chocorobo_is_bae: NO

YourNumber1Fangirl: okay then...

YourNumber1Fangirl removed chorobo_is_bae from the group.

ImAHunter: ey???

YourNumber1Fangirl: he deserves it.

Kurapika: im leaving

Leorio: waaai

YourNumber1Fangirl: he wants u to chase after him

Leorio: oh


Kurapika: no thanks. I'll just stay

YourNumber1Fangirl: lololol~ knew that'll​ gonna work.

MysteriousPotato joined the chat.

MysteriousPotato: hiii??

Kurapika: who r u?

YourNumber1Fangirl: how on hearth DID SHE OR HE JOINED THE CHAT. I PUT A PASSWORD.

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