How should I? | Killua

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One of my readers {im sorry i forgot your username} on this book suggested something and she said that I should go try to write the scenarios a little shorter. Should I? For me, I love long scenarios than shorter ones but its your decision so yeah... What do you think? If yes, I'll try.

{One shot}
{Killua X Reader}

- how should I get
The attention of
Someone that I like?-

Killua's POV (coz why not)

"Gon!" I called out

He eventually stopped walking and turn around, seeing me. We were at the building's hallways.

"oh... Hello killua! What's wrong?"

"I need your help."

"Huh?? What help?"

I look down and said, " ya'know that I really really like her and I want to confess but how should i?" I'm trying hard to fight my blush right now..

"etto...." He put his index finger to his chin and thinks then he smiles like an idiot. I think an idea just popped onto his head.

"so uh... What?" He smiles and whisper something to my ear causing me to blush.

" b-but don't you think that's hmm.. " I don't know how to describe it in words..

"oh come on, killua! Just try it! It worth a shot!" he beamed

I sigh and stuck my hands in my pocket then nodded.

"fine, I'll do it. Bye gon" I then turn my back on him and wave my hand.

"GOOD LUCK KILLUA!!" He yelled from behind.

I hope this will turn out well.


"Say hi and compliments like uhmm.. Your eyes are pretty. Something like that. "

"I.. uh.. hi?.. My eyes are pretty ? "

"BAKA!! Compliment her! Not yourself! Argh... You're such an idiot when it comes to these things. " (y/n) said and smack my head. Ouch, that hurts..

"Oi! Oi! I'm not really fond in this kind of things! And that's why you're here! You'll help me? Aren't you? " I said and rubbed my head. Argh.. This girl is kind of scary when it comes to smacks. N-not the The bl-blow one.. I mean the sharp slap or something.

" why it have to be me when it comes to this? " She asked with her beautiful eyes staring directly to my eyes.

We were currently at the park, sitting side by side on a bench. I asked her on how should I get the attention of somebody I like then here we are..

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