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[ One shot ]
[Kurapika X Pregnant!Reader ]


You sighed as you slumped down on your bed. Two months after that happened, he's being distant around you . No calls, messages, sweet talks, hugs and kisses. He even go in your shared apartment only twice a week.

You can't talk to him whenever he go home, he just lay directly in the bed and sleep, not even greeting you. He is always busy for his work. work, work, work always work. He's spending all of his time at work, not giving you a single minute to talk to him.

There's a time that you almost think about confronting him but knowing him, he'll probably be angry, saying that he's already stressed to his work and here you are, stressing him furthermore so you being a good caring girlfriend decided not to stress him moreover.

Why? Why is he like that? Is it because he regret that night? That night that you express your love to each other? Because he happened to think that you can be pregnant? Because it's a big responsibility and only a bother to his work? You can't help but to wonder...

But if your conclusions are true then you know what exactly his reaction when you tell him that you're pregnant. Still, he needs to know. Whatever will be the result,  you need to tell him.

You finally gather up your courage to say it to him so you took your phone, dialed his number and wait for him to pick up. It's better if you let him know that you're going to his work place first before going right? But if he didn't pick up (just like the other days when you tried to called him) you will just go directly to his work.

Much for your surprise, he pick it up.
“hello kurapika!” You greeted happily but got a bluntly reply.
“Meet me at the usual place. I need to tell you something important.”
“o-oh.. ah. Y-yeah! uhmm. I have something important to tell to you too. See yah!” You said, not letting his -oh-not-so-lively aura reply to stop your lively aura. (= ̄ω ̄=)
“Bye” and with that, he hangs up.

Unable to conceal your excitement to see and finally got the chance to talk to your dear boyfriend, you quickly slip on something that's simple and a black flat shoes.


You we're now in the park which is the place where you two first meet. You are sitting on a bench waiting for kurapika. You're pretty nervous and no kidding, you've exactly got the same feeling when you confess your love to him. You smiled a bit, remembering the memories you made together.

After some minutes he finally came and you rushed to him, giving him a tight hug.

“I've missed you so much! So so much! oh! and I've wanted to tell you something important and you do too, right? But I want you to go first so go on!” You said in glee and let out a giggle when you realize, you're too lively. He hug you back, tightly like you'll never see each other again. You once again giggle and hug him tighter than before. Soon, you break the hug to finally see his face but he seems not want to. He is looking down, unable for you to see his handsomely face, cute nose, soft lips, and wonderful eyes. Your happiness waves over when you noticed that he's gloomy.

“uhm.. so what is it?” you asked, getting worried and nervous.

He clear his throat and stares in your eyes.

“(y/n) I think... This is not working out anymore..”

And with those words coming out from his mouth,  you felt you're like gonna break apart. Your chest feels tight.  Your breaths becoming slower. At the corner of your eyes,  there's tears dripping out.

“(y-y/n),  I'm sorry.  Look,  I do--”

You cut him off and gave him a fake sweet smile with tears flowing down your face.

“no..  You don't *sob* need to...  E-explain.  It's *sob* okay.  I am al - *sob* -right.”

And with that said,  you run..

Run to who knows where.

Tears is streaming down your face so you cannot much of see your surroundings.  It was all blurry.

You continue to run until a loud beep noise was heard.  You look to where it came from and found a truck directly going to your direction.  At that time,  you knew...

You knew that your life has ended.

But you're wrong.


Your eyes fluttered open.
You felt something or should I say someone shifting beside you.

Finally turning to the side,  you found a pair of Gray eyes staring directly to you.

“ku-kurapika? ”

He is looking at you worriedly.

“what's wrong? Are you alright? You're crying on your sleep and not to mention you're screaming. I think you're having a nightmare that time. ” Kurapika said which you responded by a nod and say:

“I'm alright so what exactly happened?  Where am I? Why am I here?”

“ You're in a hospital. Last night,  your water broke so we headed to the hospital. ”

Just as he finished his sentence,  two nurse come in with a baby in their hands.

“w-wha? ” no words come out on your mouth as you see the babies.

“We have twins (y/n). ” Kurapika said and smiled. He get one of the babies and carefully give him to you while he hold the other one.

“oh.. What a lovely gift we have here. Don't you think so (y/n)? ” You just smiled and nod.

“indeed. ”

You are no longer pregnant now,  reader-chan.  You're a mother now and kurapika is a father now!!  Yey! Though,  if you like.  You can be pregnant again.  :3 xD  I was just joking. Okay?  Okay?  lol

But err..  Yeah..  Well Having twins is quite stressful but happy at the same time!  So yeah good luck!


I know this is shitty ;-; Pls,  forgive me.

Yeah...  So...  Uhm..

Thanks for reading?

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