Follow my Dreams | Killua

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I did this back when I was still twelve? So forgive me if it's clingy. I edited some things here and there.

Plus Killua's OOC.

~Follow my dreams~

"You have to subtract one in here before goin-"

The teacher was interrupted when the bell rang indicating that now's the time to go home. The teacher let out a sigh before nodding to the class. "Class dismissed. You can go home now," she says before going out the door.

Your classmates immediately runs out of the door, pretty excited to go home meanwhile you are still packing your things inside your bag. Finally done, you starts to walk in your home. You're walking down the street when you suddenly felt a presence behind you:as if following you. You look behind but found no one. You shrug your shoulders as you continue to walk.

You still feel the presence of someone making you let out a sigh. You stop in your tracks and look behind once again. "Come out. Whoever you are."

But no one came out. You rose one of your eyebrows, still standing and staring ahead. No one really came out so you just heaved out a sigh but then you heard something crumpled. Million of thoughts came over your head. Is that a kidnapper? A killer? An assassin? Will you get home safely? Will you still have a chance to watch your husbandos? Will you still get to see your posters at home? You will not die, will you? That's when a chill was sent down your spine making you walk faster, run even but you being the clumsy you, you tripped over a rock.

You tried to stand up but failed. You might have a sprain. You cursed under your breath and hopes that someone will come and help you.

Soon after, you heard someone's foot steps that came from behind. It definitely creeps you out. Nurufufufu, seems that your wish came true, reader-chan~.

You silently pray, "Oh mighty Lord, I promise I'll be careful on what I wish for! Just please don't let this someone kill me."

"Miss?" You heard someone said from behind. You shiver at his voice but somehow it's familiar.

You slowly turn your head and see a guy with a black coat and a hoodie that covers his face.

"Y-yeah?" You stuttered.

"Are you (y/n) (l/n)?" He asked. He's definitely a guy judging by his voice.

"Yes." You answered, almost a whisper but loud enough for him to hear it.

He nodded and went closer at you. You flinched and tried harder to stand up but ended up failing. As of now, his face is just millimeters away from yours. Your heart beats rapidly. You're trying hard to have a glance at his face but him being a careful guy he is, he's not letting you.

"Don't be scared. I'm not going to hurt you." He soothed and touch your face.

You widen your eyes then slap his hand away from your face.

He let out a chuckle. "You're really y/n~!" He said and continues to laugh.

You stare at him confused. Noticing your confuse stare, he stops laughing and remove his hoodie making you see his face. You gasp.

"Killua?!" You yelled at the top of your lungs resulting for him to back away.

"What the hell, (y/n)?! I'm just right here so don't shout." He scolded, covering his ears.

You stare at him, your eyes wide open. You bombard him with questions. "What are you doing here? Why are you here? Why are you following me?! Why did you scared me? How come your voice changed? Why didn't you answer my Phone calls? Even my texts and--"

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