Monday | Gon

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"Here's your coffee." You scowled at the customer, who often come here, giving the cup of coffee to her.

The customer cocked an eyebrow at you. "I know we all hate mondays but don't you think you're clearly showing it too much today, dear?" She sigh. "Smile a bit more. You are scowling too much that you may lose customers," she remarked before walking away from you.

You rolled your eyes muttering a sarcastic, "Have a nice day." Okay so you might be actually rude to the customers this day, but it's monday and you absolutely hate mondays. Who likes mondays anyway?

Monday is the start of the week, the start of working days, and the start of suffering. As much as you need money to pay off your living expenses, you still can't help but to feel tardy when it comes to work. Imagine enjoying your Sunday night but you remembered that you've got work tomorrow leaving you no choice but to only heave out a sigh and cut your (fun) time short and go to bed. What you hated the most about mondays is when you have to wake up early and leave your loving bed to go to work.

Now that you think of it, these past few years all you do is wake up, eat, work, sleep, and repeat. It feels as if you are a robot, just repeating the process that has been programmed to you. You feel as if you are only alive, not living like you don't have any purpose in life at all so you only continue to breathe just waiting for that moment where in everything is finally over.

Yeah, that's it. Maybe the reason that you are always grumpy in mondays is it reminds you that you no longer have a desire to living, that you do not have any goals, that you will just waste yet another week of your toxic life breathing and doing absolutely nothing worthy enough to be proud of.


The sound of tiny bell hanging from the door rings meaning that a customer stepped inside. You pinched your nose before greeting the newly arrived customer who is now in front of you. "Good day. What would you like to order?" The lack of enthusiasm in your voice can be clearly heard as you speak. Heck, it can even shows in your facial features.

"Umm.." The customer, who you thought sounded like male, stammered. "Etto.." His tone seems to hold confusion.

Therefore, you look up at him seeing his disturbed expression. His eyebrows are knitted together, his bright hazel eyes brimming with curiosity, and his lips parted a little.

You cleared your throat. "Are you having a hard time choosing, sir?" You asked in which he nodded mere second after. You offered him the best selling coffee you guys have and he happily accepted it saying that he wants two. The guy walked to the side waiting for his order.

You told the guy's order to the other worker, one that makes the coffee. As you were waiting, you carefully observe the new customer. It was the first time you saw him so yeah, new customer. He posses black hair that have green highlights at the end. He probably put gel on it to make it pointy upwards. (Lmao whats dis, i suck at describing) then your eyes went to his clothes—green clothes. Before you could even comment at it in your mind, someone interrupted you.

"Oho~ Are you checking out our dear new customer, (Y/n)-san?" Teasingly asked by your co-worker named Nia.

You shake your head blushing a bit. "S-shut up Nia! I'm not," you declined. Although the voice in your head keeps on screaming 'oh no he's cute'

Then Nia hummed looking at the customer dreamily. "He's cute though. Should I ask for his number?"

"Why will you do that?"

"To hook up, what else?"

Hearing that, you pretended to gag. Nia only laughed at your response.

Soon after, the coffees are made and you give them to the cute customer, just like Nia said. He gave you a smile when you did so.

Confusion strucks you when you noticed that the customer is only holding one coffee as he goes out. You became even more confused when you see a cup of coffee in the counter that you manage. It even has a sticky note pasted on it. One that says,

"Hello! I'm Gon! I hope you have a nice monday!"

At that moment you thought maybe, just maybe, you don't hate mondays that much anymore.

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