When you met him

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Author-chan speaking..

The first few chapters may have a lot of grammatical errors so please bear with that. The current ones are quite improving now. Lolol. That's All. Thank you.

*when you met him*

(Y/n)- your name
(L/n)- last name
(E/c)- eye color
(F/n)- friend's name
onii-chan - big brother
Onee-san - big sister

[ Gon ]

( You and your friends planned to have a vacation to an island named whale island.)

You are walking around, searching for your friends in this large forest. You got lost, away from your friends. Earlier, you and your friends goes in in this large forest, saying it'll be fun but how will it get fun if you're completely lost?
Now, you're tearing up, not knowing what to do. Soon, your sight started to blurry cause of the tears flowing down from your wonderful (e/c) eyes.
You tripped and fell down to the dirty ground. You try to stand up but failed. There, you just sit, crying, hoping for someone to help you.
"somebody... anybody.. please help me.." you said loudly
"Miss! Are you okay?!" you heard a boy shouted, you turn your head where the voice came from and there, you see a boy around your age with greenish black hair and big hazel eyes. He immediately runs towards you.
"i-i'm alright" you let out a whimper of pain when you tried to stand up
"Don't move.. you'll just hurt yourself. Here I'll carry you" He said as he carry you bridal style. You just let him carry you, not that you have a choice anyway but you know he's good.
"I'm gon freecs by the way!! You'll be alright now.." He asked as he stares at you. You nodded and smiled at him
"I'm (y/n) (l/n). Thank you gon" you whisper, loud enough for him to hear.
He smiled and started to walk.
And that's when you met him.

[ Killua ]

You and your friend named (f/n) are currently in the amusement park.
"look at this (y/n)!! Look! Look!!" Your friend yelled like a child. You giggled a bit and look at where she pointing at.
"it's cute" you said
Its a stuff toy. A cute fluffy white bunny.
"wait here (y/n)! I'll buy it!!" (f/n) said as she leaves
You smiled a bit and waited for her.
Soon, you heard cries that you presume belongs to the black haired girl, sitting in the bench alone.
You walk nearer to her and ask her what's wrong.
"what's wrong little girl?" you ask as you sit beside her. she look at you and much for your surprise, she hugs you but then you hug her back and drew circles on her back, comforting her.
"i-i'm lost" she said between her sobs.
You let go of the hug and hold her shoulders.
"Are you with someone?" she nodded
"I'm with my onii-chan"
"ssshhhh.. don't cry little girl... your onii-chan will be here soon." You said but she didn't stop crying
"crying doesn't suit you dear.. you're more prettier when you smile. Here take this lollipop" You take out the lollipop that you buy earlier from your pocket and gave this to the girl. She finally smiled and stopped crying.
"thank you nee-san" She mutter
You smiled
"alluka!!" A silver haired with sapphire-like eyes boy shouted and quickly run towards the girl beside you. So her name is alluka?
He hugs the girl.
"I'm so worried about you! Don't just ran off like that! You almost gave me a heart attack!" He scolded the girl but then sighed after a moment
"I'm glad you're okay" he whisper but you heard it. Alluka smiled and utter a 'sorry'
"nii-chan! This pretty lady helps me!" alluka said to him. The boy turned his head towards you and stare at you. You felt a little bit conscious at his stare though.
"thank you for helping my sister miss--"
"(y/n).. (y/n) (l/n).." you said as you smiled
"well then, thank you (y/n)" He said and gave you a tiny smile.
"you're welcome-- err?"
"you're welcome Killua!" you said
"thank you nee-san! We'll meet again!!" Alluka shouted that makes you giggled a bit.
"yeah.. we'll meet again cutie.. see ya!!" you wave at them as they take their leave
And that's when you met him.

[ Kurapika ]

You are walking down the street at pretty much late hour. Yep, late. The last time you check your watch, it's 11:43 pm, It'll be 12 soon..
Why are you walking in the street at this hour anyway?
You're working to a cafe that stayed up late and you can't find any taxis.
You sighed and just just decided to walk faster than before coz you know at this hour,. thief, rapists, addicts, are everywhere to be found.
You heard someone whistles.
"just as I thought" you thought and started to run but got stopped when someone hold you back.
"let me go!!" you yelled but he just held your wrist tighter.
"come with us.. be a good girl so you'll not get hurt" He whisper at your ear. You shiver in fear.
"p-please let me go" you plead but he just chuckled and throw you off to the other three guys which you presume his comrades.
"let's have fun boys" he said
You yelled for help.
"shut your f*cki-ng mouth!!" the guy yelled and slap you right across your left cheek.
You whimper in pain and cried.
'Please someone help me..' you mouthed to yourself as they hold and start stripping you.
You closed your eyes.
"what are you doing?" you heard a new voice asked. You open your eye and see a blond male.
"isn't it obvious? Tch.. but hey you little boy! You can join us!" the guy that hold your wrist earlier said.
"let her go" the blond firmly said
"huh? Le--" he didn't even finish his sentence when the blond started to punch him.
Soon, the guy that is holding you down join the fight.
After some minutes, the bad guys are now in the ground unconscious.
"are you okay miss?" the blond ask
"y-yes" you said and sob
He take off his jacket and gave it to you.
"my name's kurapika. Yours?" you look at him and find him staring at you.
"I'm (y-y/n)" You said and fix your clothes
"I'll walk you home (y/n) so you're not getting into trouble again.. don't worry I don't have any intentions to do any bad to you." You nodded and smiled
"thank you kurapika." you mumbled. He smiled and offer his hand which you gladly took.
And that's when you met him.


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