Rainy Days | Killua

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It all started when she's walking home but then it rains


Class has ended and she is silently walking home when it started to rain..

She curse under her breath for not bringing the umbrella that her mother told her to bring to. She went under the bus stop's roof where she could wait 'till the rain stops..

But the rain just got heavier. It didn't stop like how she wanted it to..

Once again, she cursed under her breath and closed her eyes closed.. she is annoyed.. she really wants to go home now... Because of the loads of homeworks that her horrible teacher gave and for the food that has been waiting for her arrival.

"Cursing is bad, you know..." She heard a familiar voice said

She quickly opened her eyes and see him. Killua... The guy... The guy that make her feel butterflies in her stomach.. make her feel nervous whenever he's around... Make her feel bliss whenever their eyes met.. make her feel in love whenever they speak to each other.

She instantly blush at the view of him...

He's looking good today... Well everyday he does.

She thought and squeals inside her head. Without her knowing, she smiles and Killua noticed which make Killua chuckles bringing her in reality.

"You do know that smiling out of the blue without any reason in front of me makes me think that you're crazy" he says looking at her

She blushed once again, hearing his sweet laughs and seeing him looking at her.

"I-I'm n-not smiling." She stuttered trying to avoid eye contact with him

"You're cute though.. Here.. just take my umbrella" he say smiling and handing her the umbrella which make her speechless.

Did Killua just gave her an umbrella and call her cute?

She blushed really red...

"Ah.. you're red.. you should really go home now. You might get sick. Don't worry, I'll be fine." He reassured her and smile again, but his smile alone could reassure her without anything.

She didn't know what to say so she stay on her spot and look at the umbrella which is now on her hands.

"I'll get going now." Killua shoot her one last smile and left.

She smiled thinking of what just happened,

"This surely is a bliss."

But then again her smile turned into a frown..

"Why is he suddenly acting so nice towards me ? Does he like me in any way or he wants something in return?"

That question alone made her have black under her eyes, what can she do? No matter how long she thinks, how long she search for an answer even if it means staying up all night, she can't get an answer.


"Killua~ It's raining today.. mind heating up for a moment?~" one of her female classmates asked Killua

And by the tone of her voice, she knew exactly what does she mean by "heating up for a moment".

She frown thinking that Killua might say yes and they would... uh... Do the 'thing' and that Killua might be one of those guys who enjoys screwing with girls or in short Fuckboy.


Her eyes bright up after hearing him refusing the girl quickly. The girl pouted and left which make her smile a bit. How can she not smile? She thinks Killua is not that bad and just a nice person.

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