Dirty Talk | Phinks

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"I love you, elaine." He say kissing you on the forehead "I love you too" you said and hug him tight.

"Let's go eat?" You ask which he nodded. You smile at him before going off to the kitchen and cook your food. After an hour or so, you finished cooking and you call out to him.

"our food is done now? Woah~ It smells delicious~ as expected from my wife~" he say, sitting at the chair in front of you.

You giggled hearing his compliment. "Just eat and what do you mean wife? I'm your girlfriend, ya idiot. I'm still not your wife."

"Do you wanna be?" He grins at you looking at you with his eyebrows wiggling.

"Of course." You say smiling at him

He laughed and took his chopsticks taking the first bite of the food that you've made. "How was it?" You ask

"The best as always." He say and stuffed more food in his mouth which makes you laugh a bit. You starts to eat too tasting the food you've made. If it's just you, you would think that your food is not even that great but for Phinks... Your food is always the best on earth but of course... your food is not only the best but also you.

Soon the two of you finished eating and now were arguing who should wash the dishes.

"Oh come on... You should wash the dishes! Im the one who cooked!" You shout pointing your index finger to him

"But baby~ I'm just too lazy to even move my arms right now" he whined

"You're acting like a kid" you face palms and grab a glass of water, drinking it for you to calm your nerves down.

"I'm not a kid... I'm your daddy~"

And that makes you choke on your water. Phinks immediately go to you and pat your back gently.

"I'm sorry laine~. I should have been more gentle. Look at you now, you're gagging.. I mean choking"

You glare at him as he grin at you widely. "What the hell is wrong with you?" You ask standing up and putting the dishes on the sink. You sigh thinking that you're probably be the one who'll wash the dishes.

"Oh come on, baby~ I'm sorry.. okay? Go rest now. I'll wash the dishes" He say making you smile.

You're about to leave when you hear him speaking, "Just make sure you get enough rest, you'll get tied-- tired-- I mean we're going out to eat later night"


"Phinks?" You called out as soon as you open your eyes. You're just newly awoken since you take a nap earlier.

"You awake?"

You stand up, turning from where the voice came from and you see Phinks in only a towel wrapped around in his lower half. Seeing you eyeing him, Phinks can't help but to smirk " do you wanna remove this towel? It's fine~"

You blushed and look away, shaking your head from left to right.

"I thought were gonna go out to get some food?" You ask trying to forget what just happened ago

"Well... It's kind of cold. How about we just eat and not go out?" He say

You turn your back to him giving him some privacy to change his clothes. Yeah you're in a relationship with him but you haven't even go to that level yet. You still feel a little bit of uncomfortable seeing him changing or even just topless.

You ask, "Food delivery?"

"Nope." He answered.

"What is it then?" You then feel a pair of arms around your waist. Phinks is back hugging you.

"Hey baby. How about if I say these things. Would you get it?" He say directly into your ear which makes you shiver.

"Things?" You say unsure of what does he meant by that.

"Cold. Night. Eat. Bed. You. Me" he whispers in his husky and seductive voice.

"Oh god.. Phinks!" You broke from his embrace and stand up putting your hands in front of him as if saying "no/stop".

"What? I'm craving baby~ won't you feed yourself to me?" He whined as he pout

"Enough of your dirty talks!" You shout and walk to the door

"But baby!~" he called out like a baby once again .

"Enough!" You shout and glare at him before twisting the door knob.

"Alright. I think you're impatient. Maybe You just wanna get dirty right now~ am I right?" He smirks and that's when you go to him and smack him in the head with all your force.


"Go fuck yourself." You mumble before finally leaving him.

"You're just perverted sometimes you know? Lucky for you I didn't hit you where the sun never shines Because I love you! Idiot!!" You shouted behind the door


This didn't turn out as I expected it to be so uh...

It's not that good.

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