When you see him shirtless

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[ Gon ]

"Today's weather is hot," you said, dropping the box of clothes that you've been carrying for a while now. You fan yourself up by your hands, taking a minute of break.

You are over your auntie's new house; helping her to move in and of course your boyfriend, Gon, insisted to help. Speaking of Gon, there he is in front of you with such a big smile etched at his face. He waves his free hand at you while the other is carrying three boxes. Wow He sure are strong. You smiled, waving back at him. He then go inside the house, disappearing from your sight. You let out a tired sigh before you followed him.

"Go--" You widen your eyes in surprise. You saw gon in the process of taking off his top cloth. You're facing his back, luckily. You feel your face heats up seeing him in this state, shirtless and sweaty. Good for you tho, he can't see you. He then uses his shirt fanning himself up, probably feeling hot right now. Wait he is hawt.

You blushed a couple of reds before turning your back and closed the door, quickly running off. It made a noise though making Gon turned his head but find no one which left confusion.

"Who was there?"

[ Killua ]

"Do you know where Killua is, allu?"

You asked, looking at Alluka while she's playing with her dolls. She looks up at you then nodded, smiling a bit.

"He's at the guess room."

"Thank you."

You make your way to the guess room. Finally in front of the door, you knocked not only once but twice. But no one opened it so you've made up your mind that you'll just go inside.

You pull out your cellphone from your pocket, placing it in front of your face, checking your reflection. 'Looks good, yeah' You thought as you mentally gave yourself a thumbs up.

You find no one at the room. You noticed that comfy bed just four steps away from you. You let out a giggle thinking of lying down there. Yet again, you made that thought real. You lied down at the bed and felt comfortable but got startled by a voice.

"what are you doing here?" Killua asked with his one eyebrows up. You're suppose to answer back when your gaze flickered on him but got distracted. He looks like he just got out of the bathroom. He is topless. He got a towel wrapped around his waist covering his lower part but there's nothing covering his top so you could clearly see his 8 pack abs with some droplets of water from his hair running down to his body. You can't help but to stare at it, wondering what would it be like to touch someone's abs.

Killua's attention is fully on yours so he noticed the stare you're giving him. He smirked, "Don't stare at me like that, baby girl~"

You quickly move your gaze away from his body, embarrassed. "I-i'm going outside."

"Aw... too soon? Why don't we have some fun first?" Killua wiggled his eyebrows, staring at (y/n) like a prey resulting for (y/n) to gulp.

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