When he/you want a kiss from you/him

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(+Feitan, Chrollo and Illumi)

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[ Gon ]

Gon: (y/n)-chaaaaaaaan!

You: hmm? What is it gon? Is something wrong?

Gon: no... nothing's wrong. It's just... >3<

You: it's just what?

Gon: you left my house.

You: ohh.. you want me to stay more? Wait there. I'll come over.

Gon: yes. I do want that but... it's not really the actual thing that I wanted.

You: eh? What is it then?

Gon: It is a Kiss! >3< you left the house without giving me a kiss!

You: oh. Hahahaha. Is that so? Don't worry then! I'll give you a shower of kisses once I got there!

Gon: thank you (y/n)-chan! :D

You: you're welcome. :)

Gon: I love you.

You: I love you too.

[ Killua ]

Killua: (y/n). Ya'know that I hate someone taking something away from me, yes?

You: yeah...?

Killua: and you just stole something away from me!!!

You: and what was that??

You: I'm sure I didn't stole anything. Maybe you just left it somewhere.

Killua: it can't be like that! I'm sure you stole something from me! I see it with my own eyes! You're such a...! Argh!

You: okay.. Killua. Calm your tits. I think you just mistook me for stealing that something you're talking about! But I swear I didn't !

Killua: yes. You did.


Killua: yesterday.

You: I swear to god... Killua..

You: I haven't stole anything!

Killua: yes. Yes.

Killua: you did.

Killua: don't lie.

You: I ain't lying!

Killua: you stole it!

You: and what the heck did I stole?!!!!

Killua: a kiss. You stole a kiss from me!

You: nope. I didnt!  How come I stole that-- oh wait.. shoot. You jerk! I thought... 'whaa. You're.! Big ass jerk.

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