When he ask you out + Illumi

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* when he ask you out *

= ̄ω ̄= i'm sorry if some Of it is short! It's just i'm in a hurry and i'm quite lazy. LOL

[ GON ]

You and gon are at the library, reading a book.
"(y/n)-san?" gon called out
"yes?" your attention is still on the book, you're reading.
"Would you like to go on a date with me?!!"he whisper in your ear
you immediately drop the book that you're reading and look at him with wide eyes
"do you mean it?" you Ask, he nodded and smiled
"I mean it!! (Y/n)-san! So would you like to go on a date with me?" You can see A faint blush at his cheeks when he ask it again.
You smiled sweetly and nodded
"I would love to go on a date with you gon-kun!" You whisper yelled as you started to blush. He unintentionally yelled 'yes' in glee causing the librarian to scold gon that just smiled apologetically. You silently let out a giggle which cause gon to smile.

[ Killua ]

You are on your house, sitting on the couch and lazily watching the TV, not until you heard your cellphone rang. You pick it up and see Killua calling you. You answer it and say hello. "it's me" you heard Killua say on the other line causing you to grinned. Why? You just thought of a song titled 'hello'. [A/n: LOL.. sorry. I can't help it. XD] "anyways, I called you because I wanted to ask if...." he stopped mid sentence. You sighed, knowing that he'll be in his tsundere mode later on.
"i-if you want to go out on a d-da-date with me this Sunday but it's not like I wanted to!! I-i'm just forced to! Alluka didn't stop whining about this goddamn d-date!" he said in his oh-tsundere-tone.
You imagined him blushing like a tomato in front of you saying those words. You grinned widely realizing that he doesn't ask you out in personal coz he'll probably be embarrassed and you'll eventually teased him. Aw, but you wanted him to ask you out in face to face. You smirked evilly, an idea popped into your mind.
" huh? So You don't want to go out on a date with me? Is that so? Hmmmph! I hate you Killua! What about the confession? What about the compliments?! The sweet smiles?! The holding hands?! The-- *fake sob* Its just all *fake sob* freaking for non-sense?!" you yelled through out the phone with matching fake sobs.
"(y-y/n)! I-its not like that! Its just--" Killua started to explain but you quickly ended the call and burst out in laughter, knowing that your plan did perfectly goes well. Now, he'll be here any seconds. And just as you thought the doorbell rang and you hurriedly open the door, revealing a blushing albino. "(y/n)! I w-wanted to! I freaking want to go out on a date with you! I WANT TO--" you cut him by your cute laughs.

"why on earth are you laughing?" Killua ask, still blushing. "you'll wake my family up if you continue to yell" you replied "tch.. s-so do you still hate me? Do--" you once again cut him off by placing your index finger at his lips. "I don't hate you, That's just an act for you to go here and ask me out personally. I'm just messing with you idiot! Sorry..." You said with a faint blush across your cheeks. He chuckled a bit and take your finger away from his soft warm lips. "so are you free this Sunday?" "I'm free whenever I'll be with you" you mumbled, he gave you a smile and was about to kiss you when people that you presume your family shout. "YOUNG LOVE!!" "GET AWAY FROM MY LITTLE PRINCESS!" "MOM! DAD! THEY'RE CUTE!" "NO THEY'RE NOT! GO ON YOUR ROOM!" you let out an awkward laugh and smiled apologetically to Killua. "guess that you need to meet my parents today"
[ sorry. This one is long. I can't help it! He's my bae >////< ! XD]


You're in a cafe, serving people because that's your work but since it's lunch time You we're just sitting and day dreaming about something then someone called you. You turn your head and find kurapika, smiling.

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