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"(Y/n)..! You know what?!"

You chuckled at Gon's lively tone before tilting your head to the side, "what?"

"I am really glad to have you as my bestfriend!" He yelled, a big smile in his lips.

You felt your cheeks becoming warm when you heard those words. It was the first time that someone had said something like that to you. Not to mention, it's from a precious cinnamon roll named Gon.

"I'm glad too," you replied smiling back at Gon as you then tuck some strands of your hair behind your ear.

Gon shifted closer to you before whispering, "but you know what else will I be glad to?"

You noticed his cheeks becoming red which made your already existing blush go even redder. "W-what?" You stuttered.

Gon took a brief moment before replying, "You being my girlfriend." He took out your favorite flowers behind his back which made you wonder where he'd hide those all this time. Then he handed it to you. "Will you be my girlfriend, (Y/n)?"

You nodded with a smile silently saying yes.

Gon's face lit up upon hearing your answer. "Yes!" He exclaimed happily embracing you in his arms.

"I'm glad to be your girlfriend, Gon."

"No! I'm more glad! So glad! Very very happy! I like you so much, (Y/n)! I will mak-"

Before the two of you could continue being lovey dovey and all, Killua cleared his throat. The silverette stand up and with a disgusted look on his face, he said,

"I would be really glad if you two stop doing this kind of cringe things in front of my face."


Killua why ruin the moment. You damn albino.

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