When he get jealous + Feitan

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[ Gon ]

"Who was that?" Gon asks as soon as your classmate -which is a guy- walks away from you. You raise one of your eyebrows as you look at Gon as if asking him what's he talking about.
Gon sighs and look at you as well,
"the guy. That guy you just talked with like a minute or so. "
You put your index finger in your chin as if you're thinking "Oh! That guy! He's Jimin, my classmate. He just bid me goodbye.. that's all. Were you jealous gon-kun?" You wiggle your eyebrows teasing him... "Yes. Wouldn't I be jealous if my lovely girlfriend is talking to a guy other than me? It's no faiiirrrrr... Don't talk to him ever again" he say pouting that you really find cute.
"Awe.. You're such a cutie. Hahaha. But what if we have projects or group works or something? Am I still not allowed to talk to him?"
"I don't care about that... Just don't talk to him~" he said like a baby which you can't help but to giggle.

[ Killua ]

"Who was that?!" You almost jump in surprise when you suddenly heard him yelled. "Who was what?" You ask, not really understanding Killua's sudden outburst. "The guy you just flirted with!" He yell angrily which confuses you. The guy you just flirted with? You don't remember flirting with anybody other than Killua himself, of course. "What are you talking about, Killua? I don't understand you." You say looking at him with those soft tender eyes of yours. Sighing, he ran his fingers through his hair then speaks again "That guy you flirted with... In the school hallway. You think I won't know that?!" You look at him for a moment then laughs "You're funny! That's my cousin, Jimin, for Pete's sake! Y-you're jealous of my cousin?"
Hearing you, Killua immediately blushed and look away mumbling something you couldn't hear. You just smile and peck him on the lips, "don't be jealous. You're the only one who owns my 💓 . "

[ Kurapika ]

You and Kurapika are on a date in the coffee shop. Kurapika has been ignoring you for the past few minutes now and you're really getting tired of it. Finally you took an action by asking him what's wrong. Instead of answering, he just shook his head not even looking at you. You pouted and cross your arms. "If you don't talk to me right now, I'm leaving" Still no reaction. You sigh and stand up, was about to leave but a hand hold you back and a pair of lips were on yours immediately stopping you from going. He finally speaks "I was jealous." "Of what?" You asks "You smiled at that Jimin guy over the counter. I can't help but to feel jealous. I love you (y/n) but you should know that you're not allowed to smile at the other guys other than me. Got it?"

[ Hisoka ]

"What did you do with Jimin?" You ask Hisoka as soon as you saw Jimin -who just asked you where could he find a coffee shop- running away scared. "Nothing much" hisoka just grins at you making you look at him suspiciously. "I know you did something. What is it?" You asked.
"Well... I may or may not scared him." He say grinning widely. You roll your eyes at him sighing. "Why did you scare him?"
"He's flirting with you. I am your boyfriend, (y/n). It is my job to scare all those guys who tries to flirt with you. You're only mine. Besides he makes me jealous so it's just right~"

[ Feitan ]

"(Y/n), you look good today." Your friend, Jimin said which make you feel flustered. "T-thank you" you say and smile at him. "You--" Jimin was cut off by seeing Feitan kissed you on the lips. "I know... My girlfriend always look hella good everyday." Feitan broke off the kiss and say that, glaring at my boyfri- I mean your friend. Jimin just smiled awkwardly and left. You shoot him an apologetic smile before he goes off. You look at Feitan and ask him what's that all about. "Duh. Isn't it simple? He said you look good and then you smile! You have boyfriend, (y/n)! You shouldn't flirt with other guys. " He yells, running his hand through his locks lightly. You look at the ground and say, "sorry".
"I'm sorry too. I shouldn't​ have yell at you like that. I was jealous, okay? I love you and I don't want to lose you (y/n)." He say then lifts your head up, kissing you on your forehead which makes you smile.


This is trash. sorry~

But seriously why Jimin is such a flirt in this scenario.


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