When you both confess

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* When you both confess *

[ Gon ]

You and Gon are now best friends. You also met his friends who are kurapika, Killua and leorio. You find them funny together. They always laughing, arguing, telling each other stories and stuffs. Right now, you and gon are in your house eating peacefully.
"(y/n)-san?" Suddenly gon called you, you turn to him and ask what's wrong.
"nothing's wrong. I just want to tell you something." he said, you look at him, he have tiny pink at his cheeks.
"what is it then?" he scratch the back of his neck and breath heavily.
"ILoveYou(y/n)-sanIReallyDoEverSinceIFirstMetYou" he says fast. You stare at him with your eyes narrowing at him.
"can you repeat it? And gon-kun! Please say it more clearly this time" you said
He clear his throat and smile at you.
"i just wanna say I Love You (y/n)-san i really do ever since i first met you" he finally tells what he wanted to say. After he said that, he turned red and look away at you. Your eyes widen and no words are coming out of your mouth. He took notice in your reaction and sighed.
"its okay if you don't feel the same. At lea--" you interrupted him by kissing his cheeks. He turned redder than before and his eyes widened.
"I love you too gon-kun" you said with a blushing face. He smiled ear to ear and hug you
"I'm glad you do.." He mumbled. you return the hug and the both of you enjoy each other's warmth.

[ Killua ]

The class ended and you are currently walking towards your home when someone bumps on you causing you to fell on the ground.
"ow" you mumbled
You open your eyes and see Killua, blushing.
"i-i'm so sorry (y/n)! I didn't mean to bump on you!" he apologize and offer his hand which you gladly took. He helps you up. You utter a 'thank you' and he smiled as a respond.
"going home?" you nodded
"if you Don't mind, can I walk you home?"
"I would love to" he smiled and the two of you started to walk ..... in silence
"uh.. (y/n)?" he called out breaking the silence
"I'll tell you something" you look at him and notice that he have a tiny pink at his cheeks.
"okay. What is it?"
"y-you see.. we've know each other for a long time. A-and I want you to know that I-i- uh... I l-l-li-lik-like you. But i-its not that I really like you! Or I'm obsessed with you! I don't really l-like you t-that way. I mean! I like you! B-but it's not - n-no! I really l-like you! tch.. this is so embarrasing" he said (and whisper the last part) and turned red. You giggled at his tsun tsun actions.
"w-what?" he ask as he sees you giggling.
"nothing.. you're just cute" you mumbles but he hear it and turned redder than before
"w-whatever" He hurried his walk cause of embarrassment
"hey! Don't you want to know what will i answer?" you yelled as you catch up to him. He stops and stare at you with a blushing face
"what is it?" He ask and You smiled ear to ear
"i don't like you" you replied, still smiling. His eyes widen and tilt his head down
"how can you smile while saying that? You---" you didn't gave him a chance to finish his sentence when you kiss his cheek. He looks at you, eyes widen, blushing.
"i love you" you whisper loud enough for him to hear. He tilt his head down, hold your hand and started to walk. You giggled and squeeze his hand as you look at his figure. he's hiding his smile and blushing face. You once again smile and blush. Knowing that You really love this choco tsun tsun.

[ Kurapika ]

(*insert your tone here*) the phone rings and you pick it up. You look at it and see an unknown number is calling you.
"hello?" you lazily said
"hey (y/n). Its me, kurapika" you quickly stand up and try hard not to squeal. You see, you have feelings towards the blond teen.
"O-ohh! Hey! What's up?" you ask with a tiny pink at your cheeks.
"open the door" he said and Hang up
You raise your eyebrow out of confusion. You sighed and open the door, revealing a blushing blond teen with flower and chocolate at his hands. You quickly blush and stare at him with wide eyes.
"w-what brings you here?" you finally ask
"I want to--"
"w-wait!! Come in! I think it's rude if you don't let your visitor come inside so come in! I uh.. sorry.. my apartment is a little mess.."
"it's fine" you let him sit in the couch so does you.
"so?" you ask in unison
"hehehe.. w-what is it?" You mutter. He clear his throat and look at you.
"here" He gave you the chocolate and flowers that he is holding.
" I'll get to the point (y/n). I'm here to tell you that i fell in love with you (y/n). I don't know how. I don't know why. I just did." He said as he gave you a smile that your heart melted for.
You smiled sweetly.
"aw.. how thoughtful of you.. i don't know how to impress my feelings towards you by words so..." you kiss his cheek causing him to blush
"so are we....??" you nodded and hug him tight, soon he return the hug and the both of you stay for that moment, enjoying it while it lasts.

[ Hisoka ]

"ne hisoka?" you called. He turn his attention to you (away from his cards xD) and hummed, saying to continue.
"i-i... i have these weird feelings that i just--" he interrupted you
"wait! Are you going to confess?" You blushed and nodded slowly.
"i l-l-lo-love you" you whisper
The certain pink haired man smirked and pull you into a hug.
"you're so cute (y/n)-chii.." Your face gets redder, thankfully he can't see coz you're hugging him.
"so d-do you feel the same?" you mumbled
"of course!~ Who won't I be in love with a goddess like you?" You smiled, hug him tighter and buried your face at his chest since he's taller than you.


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