When you ask him to buy tampons +Illumi and Feitan

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Belated Happy Birthday to our choco tsun tsun, THE ONE AND ONLY, KILLUA ZOLDYCK.


[ Gon ]


He turn his gaze at you, away from the television. Shifting a bit, he let you have a space on the couch he's currently sitting on. " Is something wrong?" He asked, looking at you worryingly.

You avoid his eyes, looking down. You play with your fingers, uttering the words slowly, "I.. well.. Could you.. I..."

Gon looks at you confused, " What is it (y/n)-chan?"

You blush a hundred of reds as you speak, way too quick for gon, "Couldyoupleasebuymeatampon"

" What?" Gon, as expected, did not understand what you just said so you say it slower this time.

" Could you please buy me tampons"

Gon gave you a cheeky grin and a thumbs up before scurrying off, "Sure thing for my lovely (y/n)!" He yelled which made you smile.

But soon he came back, giving you a puzzled look,

" uhm... What is a tampon?"

[ Killua ]

" Oi. "

You got startled by the sudden voice whispering to you. You turn back and see Killua snickering.

You glared at him as you raise the forbidden finger up to the air while mouthing a curse. His eyes widen, shocked at your attitude for today. Yes, you're wild but not that wild. It seems like you're in a bad mood, resulting for Killua to worry.

" What's wrong?" Killua finally managed to ask after a five minute or more even in silence. You didn't answer him, instead you search for that thing hidden in your drawer but can't find any.

Oh mighty lord I have a b-stain on the back of my shorts. I need that thing but I don't wanna go outside because hell damn, it is col--

Your thoughts were cut off when you noticed Killua staring at you. You grinned evilly;an idea popping into your mind. Killua noticed that grin and shivers. He was suppose to leave before anything bad happens but you quickly stopped him, holding his wrist.

" Buy me Tampons. "

" What? "

" You heard me."

You look at him, eye in the eye, staring intensely. Killua clears his throat and nodded. You thought he already agrees but no you're wrong.


He runs off, was about to open the door when someone had opened it and so Killua met the door with his face. You smirked devilishly, " what did you say again?"

" Yes way." He mumbled

Levi looked at the two of you weirdly before closing the door,

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