I won't | Feitan

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" (Y/n)? You know what... I've been thinking of this for a while now... How about we go live in a house together? Just the two of us?" Feitan suggests to her girlfriend which is looking at him, smiling widely.

"Sure! I would love to!" She said smiling brightly at him


Why it have to ended like this? Did he do anything wrong? Yeah he did . But her? No. She didn't do nothing at all but why did she have to be gone?

If it's not for him, her heart would still have been beating... she would have been smiling... she would have been talking about random things right now...

But right now.... She's on the grave lifeless.

She don't do anything wrong. Nothing at all but why does she have to be here? I'm the one who's at fault! I should have been the one who's on that grave! Why her? Why?!

He can't help but to feel guilty and blamed hisself.

If he didn't suggest that at the beginning at all, she would have been still alive.

If he didn't let the anger and jealousy took control of him, she would have been smiling widely in front of him now.


"(Y/n), who's the guy that just texted you?" Feitan slammed the phone on the desk making a big crack on the phone's screen.

Your eyes widened seeing your phone cracked and Feitan who's really angry.

You took a deep breath before speaking, trying hard to be calm " Feitan.. what are you saying?"

"He said he loves you!" He yelled angrily

"Feitan look... I don't know who's that guy is . Maybe he is just a friend of mine that's just drunk. "

"Fuck that lame excuse!"


Crying silently, he look at the grave seeing your name printed on it.

I missed you so much. I'm so sorry it have to be ended like this.

He don't know what to do anymore. His purpose to live is nothing without you now.

He wish he could turn back time...

He wish he could fix his mistakes in the past...

He wish he could still hear your heartbeats.

He wish he could still hear your voice, your laugh, you who's always talking about random things...

He wish he could still see you smiling..

He wish he could still touch you.

He wish he could still cuddle with you all day long.

He wish you're still here beside him.


"So what?! What do you want me to do now?! Leave?!" You yelled getting angry because of Feitan's unreasonable behavior.

"Go on! I don't care! " He yelled back making you cry..

You try hard to hold back your tears but it seem that you can't help it.

You look at him one last time and go to the door, twisting the doorknob and left the house.


"Feitan Dude, the sun's out. Let's go home" Phinks say as he pat his buddy's shoulder.

Feitan didn't even look at him and just staying still, no words were coming out of his mouth.

"Dude.. I know its hard for you but think of (y/n). Do you think she wants you to be here all night long just looking at her grave? No. Come on.. she don't want you to be like this." Phinks gently said , persuading Feitan to go home now but his attempt is a failure.

Feitan just stay still...

Phinks sighs and look at his friend worryingly before going off to the car, "I'll just wait at you in the car."


Feitan sighs loudly realizing that he just kick his girlfriend out of the house in a dark night.

He was supposedly to go get her back but he heard screeching sounds and a loud bang. It sounds like a car just bumped into something.

Then it snapped,

In a quick motion Feitan leave the house and look for his girlfriend but all he saw is a car driving off quickly as if escaping from something and the love of his life on the ground full of blood, lifeless.


Feitan look at your grave one last time before saying,

"I wish I could see you right now... I could hear you... I could hold you
.. but no matter how much I wish, No matter how much I want to,

I won't."


Actually this was suppose to be a fluff with a title "period" but it turns out sad so I wish my attempt to write a sad one shot is a success.

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