When you suddenly peck him

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[ GON ]

Its friday morning when you decided to go to Gon's house. You knock on the door and was greeted by Aunt Mito. You go to Gon's room——according to aunt mito, gon is still sleeping—— In there, you saw him still fast asleep making your lips form a smile.

" awe... You're so cute~ " you mutter to yourself

You silently walk towards him and peck him in the lips since you find him way too cute. But for your surprise, Gon opens his one eye and grins at you, " I want more!"

You quickly back away as you blushed;really embarrassed. Gon just chuckles at your cute state.


" Why do you love chocolates so much? " You ask, staring at Killua. For the past few minutes—i mean hours— he is doing nothing but just eating chocolates. He won't even give you some and is just completely ignoring you but its different now.

" Chocolates is Life." He says as he licks his finger making you blushed

" I want some too" You mumbled but Killua still heard it. Nonetheless, he pretends that he haven't heard it at all.

" Hey! " You yelled but Killua continues to eat, not bothering you. You're really annoyed so you decided to steal the boxes chocolates away from him. He was about to yell but then you peck him in the lips,

" I love you too~ "



You mutter but kurapika sat still, completely ignoring you. His eyes wander off to the papers which you believe is documents for his work that he have on his hands.

"...chu?" You say much louder than before but for your dismay, he still ignores you. You let out a frustrated sigh then just decided to left him.

Soon after, you came back with a tray of tea on your hands. You saw him fast asleep in the chair. You smiled at the view, you carefully put the tray at one of the desks as you go to him. You silently took the paper out of his hands and notice that it was a letter for you.

" you're so sweet~ kurapika. I love you."

You smiled at his sweetness so you go over and peck him in the lips.

You saw him smile and that's when you blushed thinking that he's awake all along.


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