Every Sense But The First |Hisoka X Reader| • Various by Skittle_Biscuits
Every Sense But The First |Hisoka...by Skittles
Highest Rankings - #1 in Chrollolucifer At the rather young age of four, Y/n L/n started tripping, and falling, squinting really hard, and claiming she couldn't see very...
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A World Of Wonders ( HunterxHunter Fanfic) by Amy_Senpai
A World Of Wonders ( HunterxHunter...by KingIsCutest
Knowing that the sole reason you exist is to fulfil the selfish desires of a nut-job- but at the same time REALLY smart- scientist.... Isn't the best feeling in the wor...
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  • fanfic
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♡Road To Hisoka's Wife♡ [OH HOLD] by Ota-Kun316
♡Road To Hisoka's Wife♡ [OH HOLD]by Ota-Kun316
You read that right! Hisoka has a wife. You may be wondering, who in the right mind wants to marry Hisoka? || Pictures Are Not Mine || ♤WARNING: Cursing and Angst♤
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Mine [Hisoka] by ErwinsRightEyebrow
Mine [Hisoka]by Ri
An assassin with a big secret, and a clown with a few tricks up his sleeve. What happens when their paths converge at the Hunter Exam, and how does their relationship bl...
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N. E. N. [ H U N T E R   X   H U N T E R ] by goliath419
N. E. N. [ H U N T E R X H U N...by Hunter X hunter fan
Nen. What is nen? What if it was a person? Nori Emiko Nui. I am the incarnation of nen. You'll discover trough this story everything about me. N. E. N. *Will contain f...
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My Rival stole my First Kiss [Killua x Reader]  by Kouhai-desu
My Rival stole my First Kiss [Kill...by Daijoubu desu ka?
[Status: DONE] How does it feel when your mortal enemy stole your first precious kiss? A 16-year-old (Whole name) who's a second-year student at Hunter's Academy, she...
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HisokaxReader - Hisoka's Achilles Heel by SensitivePea
HisokaxReader - Hisoka's Achilles...by NLC
(Formerly xOC)Mixed PoVs(First Book) - a carefree, psychotic, handsome and strong clown gets to feel different emotions because of you whom he isn't even interested with...
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Big brother????                       ( everyone x reader ) by Claude_is_SENPAI
Big brother...by 🕷Claude Faustus 🕷
Y/N is sister of Gon Frecess and Daughter of Ging Frecess but she had a horrible childhood at the age of 1 she was whipped,tortured,starved,and worked nearly to death...
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Playing My Cards Well (Hisoka x Male Reader) by CrazedMurderer
Playing My Cards Well (Hisoka x Ma...by Hisoka The Joker
BoyxBoy// M/n is a 19 year old wanting excitment in his life, so what's more exciting than becoming a hunter? Well soon his view of the exam changes, when a Pervert Joke...
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Bubblegum Kiss (Hisoka x Reader) by Katjaface
Bubblegum Kiss (Hisoka x Reader)by Katjaface
Book Two of The Wife! This time everything seems to be going well... but what happens when Hisoka finally gets his wish to fight Chrollo Lucilfer?
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Who is She?  ||COMPLETED|| by wooshuu
Who is She? ||COMPLETED||by This user is gone
♡1ST in Hunter X Hunter Wattys |Hisoka|♡ During a heist of the Hanuka mansion, the Phantom Troupe finds a girl with no memories. She knows not her name, age, wh...
  • fanfic
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Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenarios by Kemi-Senpai
Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenariosby Mizukemi
Gon, Killua, Illumi, Hisoka, Chrollo, Feitan, Phinks, and Shalnark will be in these!! Why am I writing one? Well... There is a huge lack of these on the internet!!! It h...
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Gloves ||COMPLETED|| by wooshuu
Gloves ||COMPLETED||by This user is gone
|1ST PLACE IN KILLUA FOR HUNTERXHUNTER WATTYS| In which a young girl meets the boy of her dreams. But if she loves him, she would kill him. ∞...
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My Apple Only by Gonishere
My Apple Onlyby Gonishere
♠Hisoka is protecting whats rightfully his.♣ Hisoka saw his beloved one out of pure "Coincidence" and a deal was made. Now they spend a lot of time together an...
  • fluff
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Anime one-shots by assassination_dragon
Anime one-shotsby Just A Small Dragon
This is just a anime person x reader that is completed.
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Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fiction) by YoshiXx03
Aki (A Naruto/HxH Crossover Fan Fi...by Akira Shinikage
"If you had another name, would you be a different person?" Aki has amnesia. Waking up in a forest with no memories has left her confused and slightly vulnerab...
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Falling For You by cafeakira
Falling For Youby Aki° 安芸
When Gon Freecss moves and becomes the new kid in school, he immediately becomes entranced with Killua Zoldyck upon laying eyes on him for the first time. While his clas...
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Diabolic Hearts 《 Reader X Hisoka by Isabellemarief
Diabolic Hearts 《 Reader X Hisokaby 「 Isabelle 」
The both of you have been working together for three years. You admire your partner,Hisoka. A tragedy that he's blinded by your power Although,you're not the only one d...
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The Deadly Priestess (Killua x Gon x Kurapika x oc) by CrystalAngelSlayer
The Deadly Priestess (Killua x Gon...by IDK
This is my first story so please don't expect to much. I don't own any of the characters except for a Shirayuki. Hunter x Hunter doesn't belong to me. Some of the ideas...
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(Hisoka x Reader) As High as the Heaven's Arena by Gigitheclown
(Hisoka x Reader) As High as the H...by Gigitheclown
Hisoka scares you when you first meet him. After taking the hunter's exam, you don't expect to meet him again in the Heaven's Arena. He seems to take interest in the way...
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