Chapter 26

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After Reborn, the boys and girls have left, Tsuna takes her phones and smiles brightly like she was the sun herself. Vlad and Eduard look away after seeing this smile, they really pity their friend. It doesn't seem like that, but their little sky has an astronomical amount of work in addition to going to school and helping some kids take care of their paperwork. So much she has paperwork (thanks to some destructive people) that it can bury her. So when she comes back smiling playfully (and creepily) with flowers and rainbow around her, they all (all even the children) shiver.

After eating, take a shower and call Spanner (I have forgot him sorry ) who are in his friend house she goes to her computer. Nearly to say after 2 minutes she found a group chat to suspicious, so much that there 15 people on it. And it was not a group only family, no, a public chat with friends and family. Plus the name of the chat was...well too long to hide she was in a hospital.


-Dyingprincess-casanova- enter in [Tsuna was in hospital OMG SOS]

Dyingprincess-casanova: The fu**! Who named the chat group? And who changed my pseudo!!

WashingGay : My baby sister is here!! Alive!! ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

MissMambo5: Sora-chan!!(♥ω♥*)

Jaw2.0: VOOOIII!! Tsuna!!!

PeacockManbo: Tsu-chann!!!

FakePrince: Shishi~the princess is here~

Lollipop-man : Oh! you're alive(*-ω-)

PepperMan: Our princess is here!!

Montana: Our Sora-chan is here with a nasty tongue too

MamaRoselily: Watch your tongue!!

BlackCurly: You're serious!! who changed our name??

Bearguard/ShinigamiGay :...(sigh)

HakunaMatata: Girl I hate you(╬ಠ益ಠ)

Dyingprincess-Casanova: You expect me to be dead?? And yes I am here and I will ask again who change the pseudo? By the way, I love you too Lionwave~ (*^3^)

HakunaMatata: Fuck you!

MamaRoselily: Language!!

WashingGay: OMG ∑(ΦдΦlll!! Why this hate???

MissMambo5: How could you!!! ヽ('д';)/

Montana★: I think I miss something here...

FakePrince: Shishi~ It's not a way to talk to a princess, maybe I can help you (pull a knife of nowhere) And changed my pseudo already! I'm not a fake prince, I am a true prince, a genius prince.

BlackCurly: I understand how you may be now, really I am but... 

F-Magicien~:  Sorry you're not a fake but a fallen prince.

Jaw2.0: VOOIII!! You piece of shit, it's you who change our pseudo. I kill you!!!

MamaRoselily: Language for godness sake!!

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